Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When Words Won't Work

What do you do when the words won't work?

What do you do when
The thoughts in your brain
Poured onto screen
Look more like porridge than paint?
When a blinking black bar on a glaring white screen
Has been running so long
Your battery dies?
When you sit down two
And three and ten times
With pen and paper,
Tracing lines in the air with your pen
Until you give up and close the notebook
On the still-blank page?

What do you do when the words won't work?
When the thoughts in your heart pour into
Impassioned eloquent elegies
Not fit for anyone to see?
When you know exactly what to say
But know the audience won't hear?
When all the words in your world put together
In any personal matter
Could lose you the opportunities
You need?

What do you do with opinions too political?

What do you do with a platform too public?

What do you do with a voice that reverberates too loud?

What do you do when the words you want to write... just won't work?

I know I need an answer,
An emphatic ending, a concise conclusion.
I don't have one. I can't find one.
My words won't work for me.

Friday, December 23, 2016

World of Shadows Tour Wrap-Up

Hello, my lovely readers! Today marks the end of my World of Shadows launch tour. Did you get a chance to visit all my friends over the tour? If not, you can follow the links here to catch up:

To start our tour, author Zara Hoffman hosted me to talk about the dream that inspired World of Shadows in my guest post "What's in a Dream."

Laura shared a fan trailer she made for the book at her blog, Hope Through the Pages. Then she interviewed me!

A music-loving Mennonite friend published the first review of my book at Singing Menno.

Another friend shared an excerpt from the first chapter of World of Shadows at Marvelous Happy Things.

Alexa at Verbosity Reviews invited me over to discuss the elements of my own life I wrote into this book in my guest post "Finding Me in a World of Shadows."

At Pens and Scrolls, I dream-cast the stars I'd choose if World of Shadows ever made it to the big screen.

Mariella posted another excerpt at Storylight.

I joined my Mennonite friend at Singing Menno again to share some tracks from the playlist I listened to while writing this book.

For my guest post "Life in the Tunnels," Mariella invited me back to give readers a look into the story's magical underground world.

Finally, my friend at Pens and Scrolls shared their review of World of Shadows.

And that brings us to today! Here, now.

 I've shared all sorts of behind-the-scenes extras, and my friends have told you plenty about the book. We've partied hard and had our fun. There's only one thing left to do, and that's announce our giveaway winners!

 The paperback copy of World of Shadows goes to... Keturah L.!

The exclusive short story "Louna's Noel" goes to... Kimberly G.!

The $5 Amazon gift card goes to... Laurie L.!

Aaaaand finally, the World of Shadows ebook goes to... Leora E.!

Thank you to everyone who hosted the tour! This wouldn't be possible without you. And a huge thanks to my lovely readers, who made the tour worth running in the first place. :) That's a wrap!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

World of Shadows: Launch Day! Party Time!

Good afternoon, my lovely readers! Today is the day! The moment is here. Are you ready?

In this urban fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast, modern-day teenager Beila Durand is plagued by nightmares that lead her to discover - and wind up trapped in - a cursed underground world. The invisible people that live in this medieval village depend on Beila learning the truth behind their curse - and why she is the only one who can set them free.

In her quest for answers, however, all she seems to find are more questions. Where do the echoing screeching at night originate? Who is the isolated man that speaks with Beila from the shadows of his cloak? What does this New York girl have to do with any of it? And will she ever find a way back home?

It's time to blog party! Here's our lineup:

Dec. 11 - Kick-Off - You're here!
Dec. 12 - What's in a Dream - Zara Hoffman
Dec. 13 - Fan Trailer - Hope Through the Pages
Dec. 14 - Interview - Hope Through the Pages
Dec. 15 - Review - Singing Menno
Dec. 16 - Excerpt - Marvelous Happy Things
Dec. 17 - Finding Me in a World of Shadows - Verbosity Reviews
Dec. 18 - Dream Casting - Pens and Scrolls
Dec. 19 - Excerpt - Storylight
Dec. 20 - Playlist - Singing Menno
Dec. 21 - Life in the Tunnels - Storylight
Dec. 22 - Review - Pens and Scrolls
Dec. 23 - Come back and join me for a wrap-up session!

Giveaway time!

  Parties just aren't the same without presents, so of course I brought some to share!

  I hope you all have as much fun as I do!