Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From My Journal: November 22

As many of you lovely readers heard, I have a new book coming out! Yay! This is a bit different from Sixteen, though. It's a book of poems called Rain in December. There are many themes in the book -- ranging from love to depression to friends to the weather -- some of them more prominent than others. Although there aren't as many poems about certain topics in my book, those that are in it were very significant in the book's coming about and the stories behind them are stories I haven't shared publicly before but feel I need to now. So starting today I'd like to share journal entries and other thoughts and stories leading up to the release of Rain In December. I request for this journal series this month that parental permission and guidance be sought out for readers under sixteen.

On Depression: 11/22/2014

Tonight depression hit. I have no idea why. I felt it tonight on the way to dinner. At dinner. It felt really bad. I can't explain why I felt and it doesn't make any sense. But I was going to kill myself.

A girl I met once from 3rd North came to my room when I was hanging up my coat. She just said she felt like she should come see me. God used her to save my life and tell me my worth and His love and my purpose in stories. She told me of seeing a typewriter and old wisdom and me writing on my computer and passion and me nailing something to the President's office and a rainbow and me joyful in a field with God. She told me God loves me and I needed to know that. She told me I'm not alone and the lies I believe about my self and friends and love are lies. I gave her all my Motrin and we exchanged phone numbers.

A girl I barely know saved my life tonight. Her name is Heather. She said "You're not depression. You're Emily." And I need to share my stories and my passion with the world.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rain In December Cover Reveal!

As announced last week, I have a book of poetry coming out! The release date is March 31, and of course it will be followed by a blog tour. The release actually coincides perfectly with national poetry month in April. Of course, you don't want to hear all my pesky details right now. We all know what you're here for: shiny new cover art!

Who am I to deny my lovely readers? Here, admire the design in all its pink floral glory!