Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Focus: A Word Study

So apparently a few readers of last week's post misunderstood what I was saying. And I can understand that; I was purposefully vague, but maybe a little too vague. Just know that, if you were reading that post and believed it was about you, it probably wasn't. If you were reading it and thought it was about my parents, it definitely wasn't. Now, on to today's post!

I've decided to dedicate this month's blogging to the OneWord365: Focus 2014 theme. Today we have a word study, similar to what I did last year with Dream 2013. Next week, come back to hear my fellow Taylor students' take on "Focus." Enjoy, my lovely readers!

     1. a point in an optical system to which something converges or from which it appears to diverge
     2. (a) focal length (b) the distinctness or clarity with which an optical system renders an image
         (c) adjustment for distinctness or clarity
     3.  a center of interest or activity
     1. (a) to produce a clear image of (e.g, photographed material)
         (b) to adjust (a lens) to produce a clear image
     2. to concentrate: direct
     3. to converge at a point of focus

My Thoughts:

  • Just as the focus in an optical system is the point from which everything originates, your focus in daily life is what your thoughts will stem from.
  • Focus is necessary for a clear image in photography and other image-based arts; focus is also necessary in life to keep clear your purpose and motives for everything you do or decide.
  • Focus is where thoughts begin, but it's also what they circle back around to. Your focus -- be it on a single word for the year, a task for the hour, or a devotional theme for the month -- is the center of your thoughts and actions.
  • Therefore, if your thoughts, actions, or decisions aren't where you want them to be, trace them back to your focus. Perhaps your goals need rethinking, or you may just need to reconsider your priorities and make sure your life is accurately reflecting your values.
Definition taken from Webster's II New Riverside Desk Dictionary, Home and Office Edition, from Houghton Mifflin Company, 1988.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So... About That One Word Stuff...

Some of you, my lovely readers, will remember that last year, I began participating in the OneWord365 community. (For a refresher, stop by my page explaining what that's about and how I'm involved.) Last year, 2013, was "dream." This year, I chose "focus."

I have not been as active on the blog this year as last year, and I certainly haven't shared much about my One Word 2014. But I've still been focusing on, well, "Focus."

When your last summer at home falls apart, you can choose to focus on how selfish people ruin what should be your happy time... or you can focus on the fact that you've still got several days you can work to make happy ones just for you.

When you start a new life at a new school, you can choose to focus on everything you identified with in high school... or you can focus on the stuff that actually interests you today, and find a new identity along the way.

When you start fresh with friendships, you can choose to focus on how hard it is to connect with people and struggle to live up to old expectations... or you can focus on being yourself and truly start fresh.

When you start seeing a counselor, you can choose to focus on all the ways others' behavior has negatively impacted you... or you can focus on how to heal and grow without cutting people off.

When you're told your anger at and disagreement with things you grew up with is natural and okay, you can choose to focus on all the ways others and their ideas have hurt you... or you can focus on working through the anger and figuring out what you do believe.

When you make big choices that go back on ideas you once proclaimed loudly, you can choose to focus on what others will think and how humiliating it will be to change your mind so publicly... or you can focus on doing what you know is best right now and not worry about what you used to think.

And when you know your ex-boyfriend and your parents read your blog, you can choose to focus on the happy days and great new experiences of college, pretending that you're the model woman you want them to think you are... or you can focus on honesty and refuse to absorb the hurt and responsibility that isn't yours to bear. You can choose to keep things like heartbreaking decisions and low-neckline Halloween costumes and biweekly counselor appointments in conversations with friends that are never recorded for the world to read... or you can share your story the way you want to and let people take it as they will.

For those of you reading this who know me personally, I'd like to ask you to please not message, text, email, or otherwise respond to this post to me. Comments on this post will not be allowed. I'm not pretending this post doesn't exist; I just would not like to discuss it. Thank you.