Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jamberry Independent Consultant, At Your Service

Just a reminder -- tonight is the deadline to get your book reviews in for my contest! Winners will be announced on Friday morning.


Today's a short post, since I started college this week and the weekend during which I'm writing this is really crazy. I just wanted to let you, my lovely readers, know that I am now an official Jamberry Independent Consultant!

What is Jamberry, you ask? Why, only the greatest new thing in nail art and fashion. Jamberry Nail wraps are basically heat-activated stickers with nail art, except they last way longer than other brands and don't chip or peel or whatever. So, in summary: awesome style on a sticker sheet.

my galaxy jamberry nails

You can check out my personal consultant page here: If you'd like to join in on the fun, I've been tweeting a favorite design of mine every day (just click on the design image and there's a Twitter button) with the hashtag #designoftheday. I'd love to see which design you would choose to wear!

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's a Contest!

Who: Readers, Bloggers, and Book Reviewers

What: Review Contest

When: August 20-27

Where: Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Nobles, Smashwords, or your own blog

Why: My book is officially six months old!

On August 29, the paperback of Sixteen will have been out for exactly six months. Yay! Partly to celebrate and partly because it's been a while since we did anything prize-oriented and this qualifies as a decent excuse, I've decided to run a review contest!

The Instructions

1. Get a copy of my book. Ebook, print, library, a friend, whatever.

2. Read my book. According to most of my readers, this can easily be done in a day or two. I believe them. It's astonishingly short, even for me.

3. Write a review of my book. See rules below.

4. Post review on one of the rules-approved websites.

5. Come back here and comment on this post with a link to your review by August 27.

Ta-da! You're entered for one of two prize packs. One winner will be chosen by me -- I'll consider the quality of the writing and how much thought was put into the review. Longer or more stars isn't always better, remember! The other winner will be randomly generated by a number machine thingie.

The Rules

1. Your review must be at least 200 words and no more than 800 words long.

2. Your review must include at least one thing you liked and at least one thing you didn't like about the book.

3. Your review must be posted online for the general public to read on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Nobles's website, Smashwords, or a blog by midnight on August 27. (Feel free to post it in multiple spots, of course!)

4. You must be at least thirteen years old to enter. Any entrants under the age of eighteen must have the permission of a parent to enter.

5. Entrants from any country qualify, but if you win and you are not in the United States, the alternate prize will apply rather than the original prize.

6. Remember, a well-written one-star review would be selected over a poorly-written five-star review. Grammar and spelling count!

7. I have many younger teen readers, so please keep all entries family-friendly. Any graphic/explicit references or foul language will immediately disqualify your review/entry.

The Prizes

One winner chosen by me and one winner selected randomly will receive a prize pack consisting of:

One $10 online gift card to winner's choice of Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.
One autographed paperback copy of Sixteen.
One Etsy necklace pendant, winner's choice of Pride and Prejudice or purple + glitter.

If a winner does not have a US address for me to mail their physical prizes to, they will instead win the alternate prize pack, consisting of:

One $10 online gift card to winner's choice of Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.
Five coupon codes for a free Smashwords copy of Sixteen -- enough for you and four friends!
Winner's choice of any book from The Book Depository priced at $10 US or less.

The Deadline

And since the deadline is always the one rule I forget when entering contests, here it is again: entries must be posted by midnight EST on Wednesday, August 27. Winners will be announced in a new blog post at 7 AM EST on Friday, August 29.

May the best reviewer win! :)