Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day One - Favorite Song

Well, this week I decided I was tired of having nothing posted all weekend long. That's just too long to go without writing something new. So now I'm adding Saturday content! Whether or not this will last past the 30 Day Blog Challenge (which I am doing over 30 weeks) is beyond me.

Anyway, I've seen several bloggers doing several variations of this challenge. Finally I chose a random blog, copied their version of it, pasted into Wordpad, and saved. So now I have 30 Saturdays' worth of content ideas ;)

Here we go!

Day One: A Favorite Song

Honestly, I never have a favorite anything for long, except color. (Green) Oh, and blogger. (Bailey. Duh.)  But I do have a favorite-at-the-moment song most of the time.  Right now, that song happens to be "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone," Chris Tomlin style. I first heard it on the Amazing Grace movie, and didn't hear it anywhere else until visiting Mikado Baptist Church last November. (Almost a year already!) Now my family are members of said church, and this song continues to grow on me until I wear it out and get tired of it.

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