30 Day Challenge - Day Four: A Favorite TV Program

This week's challenge is really easy.  I don't watch too much television, but when I do, it's one of two CBS shows that actually aired and were canceled back in the 80's.

Christy was based on a book and was canceled after only 22 episodes - one season.  One of the producers bought the rights and finished the storyline with three full-length movies.  The biggest part of this show was who Christy married - David, the preacher that seemed perfect for her, or Doc MacNeill, the mysterious older man with a troubled past?  Even the actors themselves didn't know the answer until the third made-for-television movie aired.  Two separate scenes - one with each man - had been filmed and the producers decided which to use as the ending.

Beauty and the Beast lasted two and a half seasons, although many fans decided to ignore the third season.  The first season focuses on the growing relationship between hero - a half-lion, half-man named Vincent who lives in secret tunnels under Manhattan - and heroine - a District Attorney named Catherine whose life Vincent saved.  The second season unveils many of Vincent's secrets and more of his life and the community in the tunnels he lives in.  In the third season, many surprises arise, starting with the shocking death of Catherine and Vincent's search for her killer.  A detective named Diana helps Vincent and becomes a new 'beauty' character in many ways.  Despite being canceled halfway through the season, the ending was still very satisfying.


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