Another First; or, Rejection


I have big news.  Really big.  My writer friends will get this better than some other readers, although I'm sure you can imagine and relate in some way.

I sent out my first ever query letters this week.  (Well, all e-queries, actually, but a body's gotta keep up with the times.)

Also, I got my first ever rejection today.

Normal writers are disheartened, upset, discouraged, etc. by the first rejection.  Not me.

The entire publishing world will tell you that rejections aren't always a bad thing.  Sometimes your writing needs more work, or the agency/publisher can't take on new clients right now, or your genre/word count/writing style isn't a good fit for that agency/publisher.  In my case, two and possibly three of the above apply.  There's also the fact that I know of zero authors who were accepted before they were rejected.  Plus the fact that I was practically expecting to be rejected my first try.  But none of that's the point.

My first official rejection makes me feel like a real, official writer.  No longer am I a wanna-be.  I'm still unpublished and very, very young and inexperienced in this publishing world.  But I'm not standing outside the window, gathering my courage to knock on the door.  No, *I* am now standing in the entryway, just waiting for God to usher me down the hallway that He has prepared for me.


Gosh, I'm excited.  My first rejection.  Since everything's electronic, I may have to print it out.  I want to keep it.  Maybe I'll keep all my rejections in a file folder to admire someday.  Then again, that would use a lot of printer ink...


  1. Congrats on the rejection! Wow, that was weird to say... :P Did they give you much advice on how to improve your book or not?

  2. Woohoo! First ever rejection! I've got a couple rejection slips saved up myself. :o)

  3. Hey, congratulations! Which book did you send? :)

  4. Hi everybody! Thanks for coming by. :) Actually, Allison, it was an email version of a form rejection, so no. And Becki, it was the query for Babies and Blessings, which I renamed Sweet Seventeenth?. I never really liked the original title, and I have an incredibly long list of all the other title ideas I tried out before picking that one. It's still just a working title, though. :P

  5. I'm a little bit jealous. I still haven't mustered up the courage to send out a single query. Who knows, maybe you'll get someone who's interested. Even if they don't end up buying it, it would be really cool to know someone gave it a closer look!
    ~Sarah F.

  6. Keep up the positive attitude. I cannot wait for my first rejection letter. Haha. [:

  7. Congrats on getting up the courage to query! I'm way to scared to do that yet, and congrats on the rejection!
    Weird to say, but I can edit/critique if you want me to, just let me know!

  8. Thanks, Julie! I'll keep that in mind :)

  9. Congratulations!! Seriously I keep all mine. It's proof you are a real writer.

    Way to go!!!


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