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30 Day Challenge - Day 22: First Ten Shuffled Songs

Put your playlist on Shuffle and list the first ten songs that play...

"My Father's Father" by The Civil Wars ~ actually, i recently added some of their songs to 'try them out'.  so far i kinda like them, although all their songs are sad or sad-sounding.

"When the Sand Runs Out" by Rascall Flatts ~ great song. very inspirational.

"What Hurts the Most" by Boyce Avenue ~ (cover of rascall flatts song) another great song, although it's very sad and i generally listen to the original when i'm already sad and feel the need to cry.  the original of this song made me cry the first twenty times at least.  i love this cover artist, too, so i have all their songs that i already have the original of.

30 Day Challenge - Day 21: A Movie No One Would Suspect You Love

Oh my.  This one's pretty easy.  Only those who hang out with me a lot know this, but I love Disney movies.  I'm not talking the cartoons, although I love my Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.  Not the more grown-up movies, either, although many of those are amazing.  (Alice In Wonderland, Pirates of the Carribbean, etc.  NoIAmNotAJohnnyDeppCrushGirlEw.)  I'm talking those cheesy flicks with at least one song-and-dance routine each and boyishly cute leading guys.  Yup, Disney CHANNEL movies tailor-made for preteen girls, mostly.

Hunger Games Havoc

As everyone who's anyone knows, the Hunger Games are huge right now - they're the latest craze. I shared some of my thoughts on the controversial series here. (Side note: why is every popular series also so controversial? Food for thought.) Today I'd like to share some posts by two of my favorite bloggers - one being Bailey (yay!) and the other being AnnaKate. As some of you know, *my* HG post was a guest post for AnnaKate, and she has also guest posted at my blog before. She has the most amazing HG blog posts - some are fun, some are thoughtful, but all are just pure awesome.

30 Day Challenge: Day 20 - A Hobby of Yours

Well, as you lovely readers know, I write - and read.  A lot.  I write stories and poems and occasionally song lyrics.  I share my opinions on several of the books I've read, and I've written a sort of lesson on reviewing books for those who want to start.
Also, I babysit.  I tried crochet.  I know how to play guitar, although I don't practice much.  Obviously I blog.  I used to do ballet and volleyball, as well as piano.
What about you, my lovely readers?  What are some of your hobbies?  I'm pretty sure some of you do things more interesting and enthusiastic than my typical teen-blogger stuff.

1 Corinthians 11:15

My (mostly)strawberry-(just slightly)blond hair is my favorite feature.  I would say it's my best, but there are people reading this who would disagree.  So we'll stick with "favorite."
I recently received a postcard in the mail.  That in itself is not exactly a big deal... except this was my Locks of Love donor recognition postcard!

30 Day Challenge: Day 19 - A Talent of Yours

I like parties.  I enjoy going to parties and hosting parties, but in my opinion, the fun actually starts weeks before invitations are received.

The planning - that's what gets my blood flowing and brings a smile to my face.  Yes, planning a party is stressful - but it's a good kind of stress.  It's like the stress of being the star in the school play.  It's like the stress of preparing for volleyball tryouts.  It's a fun stress.