30 Day Challenge - Day 21: A Movie No One Would Suspect You Love

Oh my.  This one's pretty easy.  Only those who hang out with me a lot know this, but I love Disney movies.  I'm not talking the cartoons, although I love my Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.  Not the more grown-up movies, either, although many of those are amazing.  (Alice In Wonderland, Pirates of the Carribbean, etc.  NoIAmNotAJohnnyDeppCrushGirlEw.)  I'm talking those cheesy flicks with at least one song-and-dance routine each and boyishly cute leading guys.  Yup, Disney CHANNEL movies tailor-made for preteen girls, mostly.

My first favorite Disney-Channel-flick is StarStruck, and lots of people know that.  But very few people know my second favorite is Prom.  See, I'm the kind of person whom one would expect to bash prom with a logical speech.  And I've actually done that more than once.  I won't start now, because then I'll never finish this post.

But as logical as prom-hate is to me, I love that movie.  Maybe I'll love it forever.  Probably I'll grow out of it.  Until then, I will continue to get frustrated by Brandon; feel for Lucas; scream at Lloyd that I'll go with him; grin like a maniac at Rolo's girlfriend 'issue'; pity Mei and Justin for falling prey to the number one relationship parasite (lack of communication); cheer for Jordan; and most importantly, adore Nova+Jesse.

Yup.  I'm corny.


  1. Hey Emily. I love the movie PROM too! And, you've been awarded The Booker Award by me. You can get the details at my blog!



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