Saturday, August 11, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 30 - A Motto or Philosophy

Today we end the 30 Day Challenge, which has certainly taken much longer for me than 30 days or even 30 weeks.  However, I've managed to pull through and complete it, so I'm happy with how it went.  If you'd like to read the previous days, just scroll down until you see my cloud of tags or post categories in the right-hand sidebar and click on "30 Day Challenge."

There are several mottos, quotes, philosophies, and thoughts that I love and strive to live by.  However, since I recently returned from and posted about my Dominica mission trip, I thought I'd share a quote I heard during that trip and wrote in the inside front cover of my mission trip journal.

Wordle: Mikado Mission Team Dominica 2012 Motto

"Cherish the chase more than you treasure the trophy."

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