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Worst Photos of 2012

During last year's party, I posted funny search terms used to find my blog and the worst photos taken during my year of blogging.  Well, this year I was going to do the same thing.  Except last year's list of search words was merely two, and this year's has absolutely nothing.  Seriously, most searches that lead to my blog are Christmas-related... plus searches for cookies, griffins, and other random stuff that I actually have blogged about.
Therefore, I decided to do away with the search term list and instead make the Worst Photos my tradition.  Enjoy the awful!

a photo of a sea sponge at the aquarium, taken by my then-ten-year-old brother Nick

my Christmas tree... with all wrong lighting

a coconut growing into a tree in Dominica

ugh... *shudder* me in Capitol citizen costume for seeing The Hunger Games the first time around. this was an awful idea. (the costume, not the movie)

blurry image of some wild daisies by the lake

playing with my new camera when I first got it (…

One Word 365

Last year at this time, a favorite blogger of mine - Melanie from Only a Breath - shared something she'd discovered: OneWord365.  The idea is that, instead of making lists of things you want to change or creating resolutions that never go anywhere, you choose one word which you then live out through the year.

For 2012, Melanie chose "give."  I've watched as she and the online community she influences were blessed by everything that one word led to.

I did some research and discovered just what a huge movement this one-word idea has grown into.  Actually, there are communities/individuals who do this with no affiliation with/knowledge of the OneWord365 site.  I've decided to try it myself.  Maybe I'll make it a lifetime tradition.

My word for 2013 is...

Christmas Contest Winners

And here they are!  The winners of the Christmas Talent Contest.  Unfortunately, we didn't receive many entries in this contest. :(

Actually, to be honest, I only received two.  It was sad.

But. I'm planning future contests, so hopefully next time we'll have a better turn out!

Meanwhile, enjoy the images created by the two readers who *did* enter, Emily Van Eaton (blog reader who also won a recent giveaway) and Eddie Russell (little brother of yours truly).

~Emily Van Eaton

~Eddie Russell

Pinterest Art Winners

Today's another day for announcements - of the winners of Pinterest projects by me!  Let's jump right in.

The winner of one crayon wax piece is...
Emily Van Eaton!

The winner of one sticker quote canvas is...
Sara Wicks!

The winner of one hot glue quote canvas is...
Kelley Roach!

And the winner of a set of hand-painted floral glass jars is...

Miranda la Barge!

Congratulations ladies!  I'll be emailing you to get your mailing information.  However, since I'm currently in Indiana on a last-minute Christmas vacation, your prizes won't be mailed until I get back in early January.  Thanks for your patience!

If you didn't win, don't worry!  There's still a few weeks left in our party, and I'm not out of presents yet ;)

Book Review: Christmas in Apple Ridge

Christmas in Apple Ridge by Cindy Woodsmall

Experience the holidays with the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania.

This is my first time reading, much less reviewing, an Amish book.  Most Christian and/or female readers are probably aware of the huge Amish trend going on right now.  Honestly, I've been more than reluctant to try it myself.  I only decided to review this book because (a) I wanted something Christmas for the party, and (b) I figured three novellas in one book made a great "Amish fiction" sampler and would give me a better first impression/opinion than one novel.

The stories were great.  I'm not about to go out and buy her next book the minute it releases, like I might for Cidney Swanson or Shannon Dittemore.  But I'm the target audience for those writers, and I'm not for this book.  The writing was pretty strong.  There were a few parts were the story seemed a little slow or bogged down.  For the most part, though, I was cringing at the charac…

What Christmas Means For Me {guest post}

Merry Christmas!  Today I have a sweet Christian bloggy friend over to talk about the meaning of Christmas.  Before she starts, though, I have an announcement: due to low entries, I'm opening up the Christmas Talent Contest to all ages!  Don't forget to enter!

In the Christian World, you hear a lot of protest over too much commercialization. There's lots of signs that echo the refrain, "Put Christ back in Christmas!", many parents who teach their children how Jesus, and not Santa Clause, is the real reason for the season, and still a few souls who try to keep their focus on the Savior instead of going google-eyed in the glare of Christmas lights and drooling over coveted presents.

This is all well and good, I'm all for it! But I want to go deeper than that. Even more than appreciating the sacrifice and light that's been brought to the whole world, I want to focus on what Christmas means for one person. What it means for the individual - you and me.

To do …

Jewelry Review: 4 All Humanity

Remember when I told you about the 4 All Humanity coupon code?  Well, first of all, it's still good - the store is offering free shipping for all purchases made before December 31.  And for you, my lovely readers, use the code maybeteen10 to get 10% off your entire order. :)
Second, the goodies they mailed to me for review came a while back.  I haven't had a chance with the party schedule to talk about them until now.
To recap what I told everyone about the company earlier this month:
4 All Humanity is a privately owned online store that offers internationally created, ethically sourced women's apparel and accessories.  They sell clutches, scarves, dresses, tops, and beautiful jewelry, all from artisans in Africa and India.  Next year's products are to include creations from Peru, as well.

Daring and I {guest post}

Today my good friend and fellow blogger Rachelle is sharing a few thoughts on her favorite word.  She didn't know this at the time, but I'm planning to join in a new trend for resolutions this year: one word.  (See more about this at Her description of the word 'daring' contains many thoughts that One Word participants often share in relation to their word each year.

The first reason I like this word so much is because it scares me.


It floats from my mouth and either falls to the floor or lifts up and flies. Maybe I also like it because it is so much like me. I feel like so often I either melt into the crackling leaves and dirt beneath...or I move air beneath me and fly.

Multi-Winner Pinterest Art Giveaway!

So, my lovely readers, remember those Pinterest Report posts I've been doing on Saturdays?  Well, I love testing ideas from Pinterest; I love creating; and I love sharing the results with y'all.  But I've run into a problem: I have more art than I have wall space to display it.  Plus I really want to make more pieces like the ones I've done!  So, in order to clear up space in my room for more creativity and fun, today I'm opening up a five-day, up-to-four-winners giveaway of pieces by yours truly!

Here's what you can win:

And here's the Rafflecopter entry form!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Interview: Cidney Swanson of Rippler and Saving Mars

Some of my lovely readers may remember Cidney Swanson, a favorite author and friend of mine.  I first discovered her amazing books when I won and reviewed a copy of her first ebook, Rippler.  It was the first in what turned out to be the amazing Ripple trilogy.  For last year's party, Cidney guest posted, came back for an interviewand sponsered a giveaway.  Then, this August, the first book in her new trilogy, Saving Mars - this time both ebook and paperback! - came out and I snatched it up for review.  Today she is again returning to my blog for a new interview and some information about her latest releases.

Welcome back, Cidney!  It's great to have you here again.  As you know, I'm one of your *biggest* fans.   Now, I read and reviewed the first Saving Mars book - it was amazing!  Family is a very central theme to this story and to Jess.  Tell me, what was your family like when you were a teenager?  How has your family - growing up and now, as an adult - had an affect o…

Giveaway Winners

Today I don't have a guest blogger, author to interview, or witty and charming post by yours truly to share with you, my lovely readers.  I do, however, have some announcements to make: winners!  Namely, who will take home the Etsy presents and eggless recipe.

First off, the winner of one Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit hand-drawn moleskin is...

Bethany Baldwin!
Next we have the winner of a surprise gift from Space Pearls...
Nichole Adkins-Bentley!
And finally, the next great baker privy to an exclusive Cookery Expressions eggless recipe is...
Michelle Gilliland McAfee!
Congratulations to all of today's winners!  I'll be emailing you and the wonderful women who sponsored these giveaways about obtaining your presents.  To those of you who didn't win, don't lose heart!  I still have plenty of gifts under my tree to share... check back in regularly so you don't miss out!

Christmas Contest!

I'm really excited about today, my lovely readers, because I'm finally getting to try something on this blog that I've planned for a while - a contest!

Who: Anyone, from any country, follower or non-follower, all ages.

What: Christmas talent contest!

When: Today through midnight, December 27.

Where: Email all entries to newyorksnowflake (at) gmail (dot) com. No attachments, please.  All entries must be in the body of the email.

How/Rules: Send me any photo, scanned/photographed artwork, poem, story, song, etc. that is original and PG- or G-rated.  You may enter multiple forms of work (i.e, a photo and a story), but you may not enter more than one of the same format (i.e, two stories).  Each entry must be a separate email.  Stories must be 300 words or less.  (I'll be a bit lenient for a few words over, but please respect my time and do your best to stick to that limit.)  Since this is a Christmas contest, entries must be winter or holiday themed.  Accepted holiday them…

Holiday Break To-Do: Watch These 5 Classic "Going to College" Films {guest post}

Today a freelance writer who recently discovered my blog is sharing five going-to-college movies now considered classics.  Before this list, I'd only seen (or heard of!) Toy Story 3.  Guess I'll be watching some Netflix over Christmas break!

Holiday break is quickly approaching. It’s time to start planning how you will spend your time off. One entertaining way to spend your evenings is by watching a few good movies at home with family and friends. The following five movies tell timeless stories about growing up and making big life changes; stories that everyone can relate to. Also known as “coming of age” films, all of these flicks are also American film classics.

Author Interview: Rachel Coker of Interrupted

Before sharing today's post with you, I'd just like to share some exciting news and celebrate a big moment: we have officially hit one hundred followers!  The big 100!  This is huge for me, and I'm just blown away.  I'd do a great big celebratory 100-related giveaway, but with everything I already have lined up for our party, that's just not possible.  Still, I want to say: Thank you all so much!  You, my lovely readers, are the reason I've stuck to blogging even when my schedule gets crazy or I wonder why I'd ever start writing.  Now, on with the show!

Today I've invited a favorite blogger and fellow homeschooler, Rachel Coker, to talk about her life as an actual published teenager.  She's the author of Interrupted and Chasing Jupiter, both historical young adult novels, and blogs at

Hi Rachel!  As you know, I love your blog and pop in often.  I'm so glad you were able to drop by here at mine!  Let's start with some basic wri…

Eggless Recipe Giveaway!

Yesterday I told you all about Cookery Expressions, a company in India run by a woman named Sharmila who offers several different baking and sweets-related classes.  Today she's offered to share one of her amazing eggless recipes with one of my lovely readers!

Email readers, don't forget to come to the original post to enter the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eggless Banana Muffin Recipe Review

I recently shared with you, my lovely readers, the site Bloggerdise which I recently discovered.  One of the companies I found through this free site is Cookery Expressions.

Classes on Chocolate Making, Classic Muffins, Bread Baking, Cupcakes, Eggless Cakes, Cookies, Cake Decorating and Sugar Craft

You Should Try NaNo If... {guest post}

Today my blogger friend Sarah is here to talk about NaNoWriMo, the event which takes over my blog - and several other writers' blogs - for a month each year.
Hey everyone!  Thanks everyone so much for having me on this wonderful blog.  I want to thank Emily especially!  Her blog is one of my favorites in the way it combines life, God, and writing. If you've been watching (Maybe) Teen Author (which should be renamed Future Teen Author because I'm almost positive Em will be published before she turns twenty) then you know that last month something insane happened.  Something called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  A ton of writers from around the world sat down and wrote 50,000 words in 30 days.  If you break that down, it comes out to 1667 words a day.  That's no small sum!
So maybe you've been following some blogs that cross the line from books into writing and you've seen a few of the "I Survived 50K" blog posts.  Maybe a little nagging v…

Etsy Double Giveaway!

More presents!  I decided to start off with the gifts this year.  After all, that's what kids start with on Christmas morning, right?
Today you, my lovely readers, have a chance to win a small lined moleskin notebook with a hand-drawn White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, donated by the owner of Orchids Heart, and/or a surprise gift from the owner of Space Pearls!
Here's the notebook!  It will look a bit different than this photo, but it's very similar.

Iiiit's Party Time!

Come one, come all!  Today we officially begin our second annual blog party!  First of all, thanks to all my lovely readers - and new visitors! - who are here for the party.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

To those of you who weren't here last year, here's the rundown: today marks the day I began blogging, and this makes two years.  Yay!  Between now and my birthday (seventeenth this year!), we have...
~guest bloggers ~interviews with authors ~giveaways and contests (presents!) ~at least one food-related post ~a special playlist just for this year's party ~a special party blog design ~lots of new friends!

The Pinterest Report: DIY Sea Glass Look

Week Eight: DIY Sea Glass Look {all photos linked to source}
The Pin:

sea glass paint

Surprise! Jewelry Review and Giveaway!

Guess what?  Our blog party starts in exactly a week!  I'm very excited - we have lots of great bloggers to host, well-known and quality authors to interview, and presents to give away.  It's going to be great!  Today, though, I have a few somethings special for my lovely readers and our new party guests who came for the early surprise.

4 All Humanity is a privately owned online store that offers internationally created, ethically sourced women's apparel and accessories.  They sell clutches, scarves, dresses, tops, and beautiful jewelry, all from artisans in Africa and India.  Next year's products are to include creations from Peru, as well.  They're sending me two beautiful gold pieces to review, but they're also sharing the love with you.  Through December 31, 4 All Humanity is offering free shipping for the entire store, and they've graciously given me a coupon code just for my lovely readers!  Type in maybeteen10 to get 10% off your entire order!

If you …

Just Me, Blogging

Lovely readers, I adore NaNoWriMo, but it definitely throws off my blogging schedule!  I have absolutely nothing in mind to post about today.  Horrible of me, I know.  I suppose I'll just share a few blog-related things from my life right now.

The most exciting bit of blog goings-on right now is the blog party that is approaching very quickly.  We'll get started on Wednesday, December 12, but as the button below says, stay tuned for a pre-party surprise!
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Come on over to my party!"/></a>

The Pinterest Report: Cake Batter Milkshakes

Week Seven: Cake Batter Milkshakes {all photos linked to source}
The Pin:

three cake batter milkshake recipes