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Time for Launch: Rain In December Available Today!

Today is the day!
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I've got big plans for this little book. There's a blog tour, a giveaway, a month's series of poetry here on my blog -- lots of fun stuff!

From My Journal: November 26

On Fear: 11/26/2014

Becoming a professional writer scares me. I think that's why I chose education [major] at first. I mean, everyone talks about the uncertainty of the writing industry and how hard it is to make a living and "don't quit your day job." People always need more teachers. Mom and grandma were teachers, too. I was following the family footsteps, you know? But now [English Lit major] I'm being just me in a brand new world and I'm so afraid of failing or going broke and being just another average Millennial story. I'm not afraid of being a terrible writer. I'm afraid of being an average one. Ho-hum, three stars, not worth ranting over but not worth my money either. I'm afraid of being forgotten.

From My Journal: November 24, December 8

On Friends: 11/24/2014

Tonight I shared yesterday's entry [read it here] with my small group and Jordy prayed over me. Then when we came back to the dorm from Payne's [local restaurant] Morgan prayed over me. And then Rachel and I talked for a long time...

I told her I am bi, and I told her about the girls I've liked. She was so supportive. She hasn't had these same homosexual feelings but she was so supportive. She said I'm not gross or creepy and stuff like that and she said she's not weirded out and she doesn't think of me differently and we're still the exact same friends.

From My Journal: November 19

To readers who know me or my family personally: I understand this series is personal and controversial in nature. I'd like to kindly request that any questions, concerns, or private comments be made directly to me rather than my family members. Thank you!

On God: 11/19/2014

"The big You is in love with the little me... and I don't know what to do with that."

From My Journal: November 13

On My Bisexuality: 11/13/2014

Why is it wrong?

Why is something simultaneously so pure and so passionate wrong? Why is it that what I feel so deeply and personally and sincerely is violation of an ancient law by which I am supposed to live my life? Who says this is wrong?

Well, God says.