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My Favorite Season

Today's poem marks the last in my series of poems for National Poetry Month in promotion of my new poetry book, Rain in December. Some of my readers, if you've been here for a while, might recognize it -- I posted this poem on the blog a long time ago. Since sharing it, I've added and completed it for publication in my book. I hope you all enjoy this new look at a previous work.


A watched pot never boils,
Or so that's what they say,
So I kept an eye on all my worries
Each and every day.

My Wish

My wish for you for tonight's that you know
My thoughts are with you wherever you go
And I don't know you well, but I've seen you around
You're in a dark place, that much I can tell

Too Soon

So many things I want to tell you,
So many things I want to share – 
Hopes and dreams, thoughts and wishes

So many things I wish you knew,
I want to give my heart to you.

Your Someone

Right now, I'm touring the blogosphere promoting my new book of poetry, Rain In December. But here at home on my own little blog, I'm celebrating both my new book and the national month of poetry by sharing a poem by moi each week. I hope you all enjoy, lovely readers!

I am your someone
Through your haunting pain
See me seeing you and
Breathe again