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Tackling Twilight: New Moon

Somewhat snarky opinions and completely unobjective reviews of the Twilight Saga: Part Two. [Note I forgot to mention in Part One: there will probably be slithering spoilers.] [Note from me: meant to post this yesterday, oops. Sorry.] Here we go!

Because this doesn't really go with any one book/movie but New Moon starts with Bella's birthday, I feel like it fits here: Edward is technically 108 in Twilight, 109 in the rest of the series. But physically, he's seventeen. Meanwhile, Bella is seventeen in Twilight, eighteen in the others. I felt like the look of Edward/Rob in the movies seemed a little off. I did my googling: Kristen's barely older than her character, while Rob is twenty-one at the start of the series. Because I'm a book purist and want to make a point, I just want everyone to see the pair at actual seventeen years of age:

Another photo of seventeen-year-old Rob:

Okay, point made. Moving on!

Tackling Twilight

Hello, my lovely readers! The long-awaited day is here. It is finally time to share the somewhat snarky opinions and completely unobjective reviews of the Twilight Sage from a former Twilight Hater. Let's do this.

Okay, so, we start off with this book that is proclaimed by one side of the literary community as the worst thing to happen to human intelligence since television and the other side as the greatest love story -- not of the decade, or the century, or even the millenium, but of all time ever.

Either way, that's a lot for a book to live up to.
Full disclosure: I kinda hated this book.