The Christian Closet: Rowdy Wilson

chilling in the massage chairs with the family and boyfriend
Rowdy Wilson

​Name: Rowdy Wilson

Age: 17.99... I'm almost 18!

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, gay, whatever you want to call it

Religious Denomination: Pentecostal

Education/Career: Graduated high school early, and now I'm a house keeper, server, and cook.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese/favorite kind of food is Thai

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Favorite Movie: Spy with Melissa McCarthy

Favorite Color: Blue

Hobbies/Sports/Interests: Singing, playing piano, traveling, fan-girling over Adele, listening to Adele, crying over Adele, volleyball

Dreams/Goals in Life: I want to be a traveling nurse, with a nice house, a nice car, a good church to attend, and two beautiful kids... On the flip side I want to be a model, or a singer! ;)

When did you first realize you were gay?

I first realized I was officially gay when I was about 13. I have had a girlfriend that I wasn't really attracted to, but I felt the need to be with her because of my parents. I had a boyfriend at 13, and we kissed in a Starbucks bathroom... How romantic, but that's when I knew I was gay. I didn't feel anything with a girl. Although I messed around with one... nothing.

Prom with the boyfriend... even got a white limo.

Are you out? When, how, and why did you come out?

Yes, I am out. I actually came out three times. They say "Third time's a charm."

I came out when I was 13 when my mom found my Facebook messages between my boyfriend of the time.

I came out at 15; she took my phone, computer, iPod, and all of that stuff.

I came out when I was 16, and this time she finally accepted me. I didn't actually mean to "come out" when I was 16, but my mom found me with my boyfriend, Brandon. I told her I'm gay, and if she didn't like it, I would move out.

How have Christians hurt you as you struggle with your sexuality?

Christians have hurt me numerous ways. I was very popular with everyone in town! I was the worship leader at my church, actually, and when I came out they told me to "resign" from my position... after they were trying to "change me." I told them I didn't want to be changed. I attended once after I came out, and I walked out of the service because the pastor was preaching at me the whole time. Now I am lucky to get a smile from those people.

"I feel Christians have not encouraged me in any way as I struggled. They made me feel 'broken,' and that I needed to be sent to the repair man to be fixed."

How have Christians helped or encouraged you as you struggle with your sexuality?

I feel Christians have not encouraged me in any way as I struggled. They made me feel "broken," and that I needed to be sent to the repair man to be fixed. (Jesus.) Christians have actually shunned me, and have discouraged me more than anything. The Gay Christian Network (GCN) Conference has helped me a lot. I went to the GCN Conference in Portland, Oregon, two years ago; within those few days, I grew so much. I feel confident that God loves gays, as he loves everyone else, and that he blesses same-sex marriages.

What is one thing you wish straight cisgender Christians understood?

I wish that cisgender Christians understood the context of Sodom and Gomorrah. I wish they were open-minded, and that they would just love unconditionally like God commanded us to do. God is love, correct? Why can a man not lay with a man, but one can wear garments of mixed fabrics, and eat shellfish... come on, people. I guess it's different when it's "in their own backyard."

 Shopping at IKEA!

"I wish they were open-minded, and that they would just love unconditionally like God commanded us to do. God is love, correct?... I guess it's different when it's 'in their own backyard.'"

What is the one sexuality question you're most tired of hearing?

The question I am most tired of hearing is "Who is the girl in the relationship?" I DON'T KNOW! Last time I checked, we both had male genitalia, soooooo... neither.

What is your greatest fear about being gay?

My greatest fear about being gay is STI's... HIV and AIDS mainly. HIV/AIDS is considered very prominent in the gay community, and you never know who has it. It can take months to even years to show up in the system of a person. I'm not hating on anyone who has either of those -- I love you, but it is a scary thing.

What is your favorite thing about being gay?

I suppose my favorite thing about being gay is I don't have boundaries with masculinity and femininity. I can get my hair done, my nails done, I can color my hair, I can wear whatever I want, I can wear heels if I wanted to... There are just no boundaries!

How does your family handle your sexuality?

When I came out, it opened everyone's eyes. They so are much more understanding that being gay is not a choice. They understand how I feel, and they are such advocates for equal rights, same-sex marriage, etc. My parents have allowed my boyfriend to move in with me. He has lived with us for a year now, and they have treated him like one of their own. My family has really surprised me; when push comes to shove, their love is unconditional. It makes me happy when my little sister asks my boyfriend, "When are you marrying Rowdy?" She loves to tell people that she has a "new brother."

"My family has really surprised me; when push comes to shove, their love is unconditional."

P.S. The first rainbow ANYTHING that I ever bought was two rainbow candles... REBEL! :)


  1. Oooh, I recently saw Spy and it was so good and so funny. I loved how it played on all of the Bond cliches, and it was just HAPPY-MAKING. Your movie choices speak well of your taste. XD

    Ha, I love your sense of humor! It's really disappointing that your church family ("family"?) treated you that way, and that you felt shunned and terrible. That is so disappointing. :/ Still, I'm glad that your family has come to advocate for you... and that you have no boundaries! That sounds fun. :)

    I'm so glad you shared your story. Thanks for stopping here!


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