World of Shadows Coming Soon!

Hello, my lovely readers! I come to you today with more updates on my new young adult novel World of Shadows! The book launches on December 11, a date that's approaching quickly. Are you ready? I am!

First of all: World of Shadows is available for Kindle preorder now on Amazon!

This is so exciting! I can't wait until I hold the paperback in my hands, but I've already seen the Kindle copy on my ancient first generation Kindle. I love it!

I made a promo banner for my Facebook!

Next order of business: the blog tour!

Starting right here on Sunday, December 11, aka launch day, I and some of my book blogging friends will be hosting a blog tour. It's been a while since I've run a tour of my own, but I do so love how like a party it is - a party where you can stay at home and wear pajamas!

Some of the bloggers you might recognize as old friends here at Emily Rachelle Writes. We have some new names participating this year, too. I'm hyped. Are you hyped yet? If not, maybe this will help: we're having a giveaway! A blog tour just isn't the same without prizes, am I right? More details will be available when the tour begins, but exclusive behind-the-scenes content is involved.

Finally, come see me in person on December 20!

I'll be reading an excerpt from World of Shadows, signing books and offering an exclusive giveaway at the Youth Christmas Decorating Party at Centerville Public Library in Centerville, Georgia. I'd love to see you there! Contact the library for more information or to register for Christmas decorating.

P.S. A fun bonus: Thanks to the help of a writer friend and my college design class, my publishing imprint Red Geraniums Press has a new logo! What do you think? I much prefer it to my old logo. Nothing against the simplicity of a Paint sketch, but this feels much more professional. The timing is perfect, too, launching the new logo with my new book. Yay!


  1. I am SO excited! I'm looking forward to ordering my paperback of World of Shadows this weekend! :D Can't wait to see all the stops for the tour. ;)

    1. Hi Laura! I'm gearing up for a fabulous tour :) I'm so ready to send this book out into the world!


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