Vintage Mail Maker {About}

I've mentioned before that I'm good real-life friends with Kathryn at Singing Through the Rain.  A while back she was contacted by someone from Vintage Mail Maker about being the first to work with them as a blogger affiliate.  After writing several posts, she ran out of ideas to blog about them - so she suggested I contact them and offer a new blogging outlet!  The man I corresponded with was very happy to offer two printed letters for free for a review.

Here's how Vintage Mail Maker works: you choose one of three fonts, one of three envelopes, and one of six papers.  Then you type a message and, if you want, add photos that it sets to sepia or black and white (your choice).  Finally, type in the sender and recipient information and your letter is complete!  Then you can decide whether you want to email the letter (free) or have Vintage Mail Maker print and mail it traditionally ($5.99).  You also have the option to donate to Vintage Mail Maker and/or to include your letter in their public gallery.  Once you've completed your order, an embed code for your letter is offered on the webpage and a confirmation email is sent to your inbox if you chose the email option.

When sent by email, the recipient will see the envelope and letter on a webpage with links to the general Vintage Mail Maker site and the create a letter page for them to reply.  You will receive an email when the recipient opens their letter online.

If you need inspiration or want to see what others put in their letters, the workers at Vintage Mail Maker keep a blog with all sorts of ideas!

Next week I'll be back with images of my mailed letters and my review!


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