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Book Review: The Golden Link

The Golden Link by Keira Moyer
Arianna grew up with an overprotective legal guardian on the bad side of town... until she learned she's the believed-dead twin sister of the princess.

This book was very conflicting for me.  On the one hand, it's an amazing plot and very well thought out story.  On the other, there's a lot of unrealistic elements and not-so-great writing.  So I've decided to break down this review into two parts.

The Deed Is Done {My Very First Vlog! Sort Of}

I didn't post about this because I still had party stuff to take care of, plus lots of new OneWord365 posts to share with you.  So this actually happened two weeks ago.  But regardless of when it happened, I did it.

I got a second ear piercing.

When I chose to live out dream this year, I knew I'd want to keep an eye on my bucket list and see what dreams of mine I could complete.  As my birthday came up and I couldn't think of anything I wanted, I decided to pick a couple activities that would cost a little money and would make good birthday presents.  One of these was "get a second ear piercing."

I have one set of regular holes from when I was a few months old.  One thing you, my lovely readers, should understand is that I'm not a normal girl when it comes to jewelry.  I can't wear any earrings that aren't pure yellow gold for more than a few hours.  I get lucky if they last all day without itching, redness, possibly even gross allergic-reaction-type …

The Pinterest Report: Homemade Pumpkin FroYo

Week Ten: Homemade Pumpkin FroYo {all photos linked to source}
The Pin:

four ingredient pumpkin fro-yo

Why I Love One Word 365

A note: since I changed my blog name and address, I had to create a new Facebook page.  Please go like the new page here:

As you, my lovely readers, know, this month I celebrated my seventeenth birthday.  Therefore, birthdays and the things associated with them are forefront in my mind.  (I promise this is going somewhere one-word-related.  Hang with me.)

Kids a few weeks before Christmas or birthdays start to spend a bit less time outdoors or in a book or on a video game and instead sit quietly in bedrooms or on sofas, studying glossy photographs of the latest and greatest in the toy industry.  They dog-ear pages to come back to, circle or star favorites, write numbers to help themselves prioritize.  Once they've memorized the color options and included accessories of all their favorite toys, they pull out a piece of paper and carefully record the best of the catalogs in their neatest handwriting.

Hydranencephaly; Or, The Bees

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Recently I shared information about a website called Wish Upon a Hero.  One of the wishes I discovered there was actually for the wisher's friend, a woman with three kids.  Her three-year-old son has hydranencephaly and the wisher wanted to spread awareness about this rare disease.

NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, has an information sheet on hydranencephaly.  Here's their explanation of what hydranencephaly is:

One Word 365 Journal (A Mini-Post)

See my previous OneWord365 blog posts.

A note: since I changed my blog name and address, I had to create a new Facebook page.  Please go like the new page here:

I recently created a OneWord365 tab for a separate page here at my blog, with links to advice and ideas from my blog and others.  I may also do a regular end-of-the-month update - still undecided.  You'll have to wait and see!  Anyway, on to the journal I wanted to share with you:

From my first entry:
When, a little over a week ago, I announced my participation in OneWord365 and my choice of the word "dream," I never expected my first month to be so flooded with opportunities, blessings, and ideas.  In order to chronicle and track my year of dreams, I've started this OneWord365 Journal.I'm participating in Melanie's Monthly One Word Linkup Party.  Join us!

The Pinterest Report: Sock Bun Hair Curling

Week Nine: Sock Bun Hair Curling {all photos linked to source}
(Sorry this is late!  I suppose moving, even when it's just a virtual move, still messes life up a bit.  This was scheduled to go up today but then was switched to draft during the move yesterday.)
The Pin:

sock bun hair

Moving Day!

Hello, my lovely readers!  It's a beautiful morning here in Georgia today.  I won't take up much of your time; I simply have an update to give you.

I told all of you in It's Official! that I'd be changing my blog name and address as soon as I figured out what I'd change them to.  Guess what?  Today's the day!  It's moving day!

Spread the word!  Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author is no more!  Instead, I give you...
Emily Rachelle Writes!

Wish Upon a Hero

My real-life friend Kathryn blogs at; she's a military spouse and special needs mom who blogs about family, marriage, parenting, special needs, military life, and Christianity.  I was actually interviewed about life as a military brat (the actual term for a child of a service member) a while back.

Recently a guest poster on her blog mentioned a website called Wish Upon a Hero.  It's a bit like the Make a Wish foundation, except it's independently run and anyone can make or grant a wish.  (Which also means there's not an actual foundation granting the wishes; individual members do that and thus become the wisher's "heroes.")

The Grand Finale

Today brings our second annual blog bash to an end, my lovely readers.  We had a lot of fun.  There were plenty of great gifts, a few wonderful guest bloggers, and several new author interviews.  Plus, your numbers, lovely readers, actually doubled!  So to all my new lovely readers, welcome to my blog!  Here's the link list of all guest posts, my posts, and author interviews during the party, in case you missed anything.

You Should Try NaNo If... {guest post}
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Rachel Coker Interview
Holiday Break To-Do: Watch These 5 Classic "Going to College" Films {guest post}
Cidney Swanson Interview
Daring and I {guest post}
4 All Humanity Jewelry Review
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Christmas in Apple Ridge Book Review
One Word 365
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Gail Carson Levine Interview
Connection Book Review
Stephanie Morril Interview
Maple Syrup Candy Fail + Candy Kick Caramel Recipe
Interrupted Book Review
Jill Williamson Interview
My Christmas Party
A Change of Fo…

It's Official!

I have huge news.  First, though, I want to just remind everyone of this post and ask you to read my big news in light of the word I chose to live out this year: dream.

On January 7, 2013, two big things happened to me:

I came home from the homeschool drama and speech class at the library, opened my email account, and in the very big stack of virtual envelopes saw TIME SENSITIVE.  So, naturally, I opened it first.

Book Review: A Change of Fortune {ARC}

A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano
Comedy of manners meets comedy of errors.

This book was highly praised by a friend of mine, and the cover looked beautiful and very high-end and professional.

Before I start being a Debbie Downer, let me point out that there were moments when this book had me laughing out loud.  So it's not all bad... just mostly.

Cidney Swanson Giveaway Winner

The entries have been tallied, the lot cast, and the winner of either Saving Mars or Defying Mars is...
Rhonda Compton!
Congratulations Rhonda!  I'll be in touch about claiming your ebook. :)  Everyone else, don't forget - you can still enter the Super Girls' Giveaway for three more chances to win!

My Christmas Party

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday!  Have you enjoyed the party so far?  This year's celebration is drawing close to the end, but we can still enjoy these last few days.  (Especially the final presents in the Super Girls' Giveaway!)

This year, not only am I hosting my second annual blog party, but I also hosted a real-life Christmas party with some girlfriends of mine.  This wasn't my first time hosting a Christmas party... but let's just say it's my first successful Christmas celebrating endeavor. *ahem*

While words are usually my medium of choice, everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've decided to let the photos from my party tell their own story.  Enjoy!

A note: since my party skills have grown much this year, I've decided to join Hostess with the Mostess and post my favorite parties I've planned/hosted!  Right now only my brother's pinata birthday and my Christmas party are up, but I plan to add other parties I've don…

Super Girls' Giveaway!

After a trip to Walmart and the local used book store, Gottwals (love that place!), I have some goodies for you!  Just like last year, I have three wonderful, girly prize packs for three lucky winners in the final giveaway of this year's party.  Here they are...

Planets & Stars
Stardust DVD
Two autographed Saving Mars/Defying Mars Cidney Swanson bookmarks
Notes: To keep the photo-quality bookmarks safe, I removed the plastic from the DVD case and put the bookmarks in the case.

Fairy Tale Fancy
Sunlight and Shadow by Cameron Dokey, paperback
Beauty by Robin McKinley, hardcover
Notes: Beauty's dust jacket may be a little ripped/worn.

Secrets & Sleuths
The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew #1)
The Secret of the Mansion by Julie Campbell (Trixie Belden #1)
Notes: The Trixie book has a bit of price-sticker residue.

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Author Interview: Jill Williamson of Replication

Remember earlier this month when Stephanie Morril came for an interview?  Today a friend and co-blogger of Stephanie's, also from Go Teen Writers, has joined us!  Her name is Jill Williamson, and she is a Christy-award winning author of various young adult speculative novels.  (I only mentioned Replication in the title because it's the one book of hers I've read.  I have a hardback, autographed copy that I'm in love with!)

Hi Jill!  It's nice to have you here.  I'll be asking several of the same questions I asked Stephanie, since every writer is different; therefore, naturally, your routines and experiences will mean different answers.  Let's get started!

How long have you been writing? 
I started writing books in 2004.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Nope. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I went to college in Manhattan to finish my fashion degree, then my husband and I moved to Los Angeles so I could work in fashion and he could w…

Interrupted Giveaway Winner

I know you're all anxious to hear who won their own copy of Interrupted by Rachel Coker.  So I probably shouldn't take up your time with a great big, long introduction.
The winner is...
Rachel Harrison!

Congratulations Rachel!  To everyone else that entered, don't dispair - Cidney Swanson's ebook giveaway is still open, and I can personally say that her Mars books are amazing.  Plus I may have a few last goodies up my sleeve...

Book Review: Interrupted

Interrupted by Rachel Coker

Can love really heal all things?

From Amazon:

Can love really heal all things? If Sam Carroll hadn't shown up, she might have been able to get to her mother in time. Instead, Allie Everly finds herself at a funeral, mourning the loss of her beloved mother. She is dealt another blow when, a few hours later, she is sent from Tennessee to Maine to become the daughter of Miss Beatrice Lovell, a prim woman with a faith Allie cannot accept. Poetry and letters written to her mother become the only things keeping Allie's heart from hardening completely. But then Sam arrives for the summer, and with him comes many confusing emotions, both toward him and the people around her. As World War II looms, Allie will be forced to decide whether hanging on to the past is worth losing her chance to be loved.

First of all, I have to admit the main reason I bought this book - and paid full price - was because Rachel Coker was a teen author, and you all know what that means …

Cidney Swanson Ebook Giveaway!

Good morning, my lovely readers!  As you all know by now, indie author Cidney Swanson has quite a presence here on my blog.  You can read this year's interview with her, and see links to previous posts she's been involved with, here.  Today, she's agreed to sponsor another giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive their choice of the Saving Mars or Defying Mars ebook!  Best of luck to you all!

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Maple Syrup Candy Fail + Candy Kick Caramel Recipe

Has anyone here read the Little House on the Prairie books?  Or seen the show?  I've never read through/watched through them, but I've read excerpts in literature classes and my family has several DVDs from the show.

One thing I've always wanted to try is making maple syrup candy.  That was from one of the early books, which I read an excerpt of in elementary school.  The whole Ingalls family got together during the maple-sap season and made syrup and maple candy.  Basically, they boiled the sap into syrup and then poured some hot, "waxing" syrup onto a pan of snow.

Author Interview: Stephanie Morril of Go Teen Writers

Today's interview is a bit unique - a first for me.  I've never actually read any of this author's books!  However, I am a subscriber to and follower of her blog Go Teen Writers, as well as a member of its Facebook community.  Being the face of a large part of the teen writing community, I felt like I ought to invite her to the party.  I do plan to read her books eventually... meanwhile, her blog is above inspiring and awesome.

Hi Stephanie!  Welcome to my blog!  Let's start off with some generic questions.

How long have you been writing? 
I started writing stories in 1st grade as part of my school curriculum and fell in love with it. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a writer. As I grew up, I was always writing stories and pursued it as a profession. Sometimes I wanted to be a writer and a teacher or a writer and a veterinarian, but writing was always going to be in the picture.

Who or what has had the most influence on you as a writer?
Oh gosh, it’s tough to pic…

Interrupted Book Giveaway!

In a few days I shall share my review of Interrupted by Rachel Coker.  But first!  Today you, my lovely readers, have a chance to win a copy of this great book for yourselves or a friend!  Just enter with the Rafflecopter below. :) Good luck!

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Book Review: Connection

Connection by Emily Ann Ward
Anna and Aaron have read each other's minds - literally - since they met as kids.  Eight years later, their touch sets off massive electric currents and a mysterious agency claims there are others like them.

I'm just going to jump right in with this one, since I can't come up with an introduction.

The characters in this book were realistic and varied.  Some of them were more irritable, while others were definitely lovable   I enjoyed the spectrum of people shown, especially the siblings that you could tell were related but were still very distinct, different people.

Author Interview: Gail Carson Levine of... a Lot of Great Books!

This is huge - amazing - epic.  Today Gail Carson Levine, THE Gail Carson Levine, the author of Ella Enchanted and Fairest - of Ever and The Two Princesses of Bamarre - of the Princess Tales and Disney Fairies - is here, at my blog, for an interview!  Excuse me while I have a panic attack.  She's here!

Ms. Levine, I love your books - especially the Fairest audiobook, which is what introduced me to contemporary audiobooks - and I know you're a pretty big name author.  Not to mention the person behind what became Ella Enchanted, the movie!  I'm so honored to have you here.  Let's get started!

How long have you been writing? I wrote as a child, but I stopped after high school, and only started again in 1987 when I was thirty-nine. Then it took me nine years to become published.

Why did you start writing? Have you always wanted to be a writer? I never thought of becoming a writer. I was interested in acting and painting. But I always read, and one day I had an idea for an art…