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My Imaginary Boyfriend, Episode Six: Fearless

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My stomach and cheeks ache and my throat is scratchy from the salty popcorn, but I can't stop laughing.  Rykel's scratchy laugh joins mine and I bask in the wonderful feeling of just being together.

"Did you-"  I suck in a breath.  "Did you see the look on her face - in the airport scene?  She was just like - Oh man, that was awful!  She is such a terrible actress."  My words dissolve into giggles, and I ignore the other patrons in the theater lobby glaring in our direction.  I can't help it if they came to a terrible horror movie to actually be scared.  I'm here to have fun!

"That part when the alien came out was way worse!  We're in the twenty-first century.  There's this thing called CGI.  Those people clearly don't know how to use it."

Rykel slips his warm, strong hand into mine and, still laughing, we exit the theater …

Book Review: The Governess of Highland Hall

The Governess of Highland Hallby Carrie Turansky
Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help?

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Amazon Summary:
Missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India. But when the family must return to England due to illness, she readily accepts the burden for her parents’ financial support. Taking on a job at Highland Hall as governess, she quickly finds that teaching her four privileged, ill-mannered charges at a grand estate is more challenging than expected, and she isn’t sure what to make of the estate’s preoccupied master, Sir William Ramsey.  Widowed and left to care for his two young children and his deceased cousin Randolph’s two teenage girls, William is consumed with saving the estate from the financial ruin. The last thing he needs is any distraction coming from the kindhearted-yet-determined governess who seems to be quietly t…

Sixteen Update

Hello, my lovely readers!  Some of you have been asking various questions about Sixteen, my Christian coming-of-age novella that will be coming out as an ebook.  Others may have noticed the lack of information concerning the book, or the book's "On Hiatus" status right now, on my Books page.  Today I'm here to answer questions and alleviate concerns.

Why is Sixteen on hiatus?  Sixteen is on hiatus simply because it's in the editing stage and I'm focused on a different project right now,a contest entry that's in first draft status.  "On Hiatus" definitely doesn't mean I won't get back to that project, and it doesn't necessarily mean that my break from that project will be long.  It just means I'm not working on it at this moment.

My Imaginary Boyfriend, Episode Five: Comfort Zones

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I'm leaving my final class for the day when my phone vibrates.  Mikaela texts me about once a week at least, so I figure it's probably her.  We haven't talked much since we got back from our Gatlinburg road trip.  However, I'm surprised to see Rykel's name pop up on the screen.  He hasn't contacted me since our first date four nights ago; I texted him the next morning just to say hi but I wasn't sure if I should try again since he never responded.

Meet me at five.  Coffee shop.  Wear something nice, sweetheart.  - Rykel

I bite my lip as a smile tugs at my cheeks.  I check the time - 4:15.  I have forty-five minutes to get ready.  Maybe my roommate will let me borrow that top she wore last night.  It's the perfect color for me and we're the same size.

The Mystery of Literary Allure

As a pre-internet reader, I liked books or I didn't like them.  Simple as that.  Sometimes I could point to an emotion a book created in me, or a confusing chapter or funny character - some specific reason for my opinion.  But even then, things usually boiled down to I either liked it or didn't like it, and that's all I told people when I talked about that book.

Then I became a writer, and my writing classes told me to read like a writer.  I was to look at plot and characters and writing devices and style and all sorts of things I'd never noticed before.  I began to look at books in a new light and then use that in my own writing.

My Imaginary Boyfriend, Episode Four: Guest Episode by SJ Aisling!

Today we have the actual author of Conductives and creator of Rykel, my friend SJ Aisling, here with a very special installment of My Imaginary Boyfriend!  Words cannot describe how awesome it is to have the original author of a work love your fanfiction this much.
Previous episode:

Hey everyone! I'm Stacia Joy, and I'm here today by the request of Emily to guest post about her fanfic of my WIP scifi/paranormal trilogy, Conductive. She wrote the fanfic for the writing/art contest I'm hosting at my blog (there are still some entry slots left!), and I've had a lot of fun reading her take on my character Rykel. So much fun, in fact, I found myself HAVING to write a scene in response to what'd she'd written! And, naturally, I was delighted when she asked me to share this scene with you all!

* * *

"Um, Rykel, who was that girl you brought to the gala last night?" Nissa…

You're Invited!

What: An event for free and 99-cent clean ebooks - stories with no language, sex, or horror.  Think PG or, in the case of crime stories, PG-13 for violence only.

Who: The list of authors and genres is in the works, but Jenni James is the one who got the ball rolling!

When: Friday, September 13

Where:  You can also find the group on Facebook and Twitter.

Moonlight, Magic, and Mermaids

What's your opinion of mermaids?

Specifically, mermaids in fiction.  I don't believe mermaids really exist - although, crazy as it seems, some people do.  But I completely adore mermaids in television, movies, and books.  As a writer I try to follow trends in the publishing world, and the popularity of vampires and zombies is waning.  Guess what's coming out as the next big thing?  Mermaids!  Excuse me while I squeal for joy.

My Imaginary Boyfriend, Episode Three: Blue

Any of you, my lovely readers, who hoped to see more of Rykel's and my story owe this new Saturday series to the clamoring of my mom and best friend who convinced me to finish.  Huge thanks to S.J. Aisling, actual author/creator of Rykel and his real story, Conductives.  S.J. and I are friends and she's not only agreed that this series is a good idea - she's willing to read the pieces before they're live and possibly throw in an installment or two of her own!  So, without further ado...

Episode three of My Imaginary Boyfriend, a Conductives fanfiction series by Emily Rachelle with help from the author, S.J. Aisling.

Previous episode:

I laugh.  Considering how little I know about this tattoo-sporting, motorcycle-driving, secret-identity guy, I ought to be a little wary.  But something in Rykel's electric blue eyes grinning at me makes joy bubble through my heart.

He leans forw…

Book Review: Mars Burning

Mars Burning by Cidney Swanson

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My Review of Saving Mars

Amazon Summary:
Chancellor Lucca believes Jess and Pavel are dead, and now she's deadly determined to make certain Mars never interferes with her or her world again. Meanwhile on Mars, Mei Lo pleads with the Raiders to finish their second mission: disabling the Terran satellites. But the satellites aren't all that threaten the red planet. Cavanaugh Kipling makes plans to contact Lucca's government--without permission. Now Jessamyn must thwart villains on two worlds before it's too late to prevent the destruction of Mars. My Thoughts:

Give me a minute to breath.

Okay... no, wait, another minute.  Look at that gorgeous cover while you wait.  Look at that beauty!

Just - just one more, please.

Whew.  This masterpiece really knocks the breath out of you.

Book Review: How to Make Friends and Monsters

How to Make Friends and Monsters by Howard Boward (With a Little Help from Ron Bates)
Some friends are just worth making.

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Jon's Previous Review

From Amazon:
For Howard Boward, science genius, making friends in middle school is hard. The other kids have more fun creatively expanding Howard's name than actually hanging out, as in How-weird or How-Lame. . So, why not actually make a friend? A little wonder putty, some DNA, a few accidentally spilled chemicals and---boom!---instant friend. Monster friend, that is. Franklin ends up being cool in middle school, and he helps Howard climb the uber-popular ladder, becoming How-Cool. But the new fame and friendship isn't exactly everything Howard hoped. Turns out real friendship might not be so simple, even when you create your own friends from scratch.  My (Brother's) Thoughts:

Book Promo: Open {Giveaway!}

Recently, I received an email from Mike of PartnersHub, with some information about a book promotion he thought I might be interested in.  While that particular book didn't catch my eye, the next one he sent my way did.  (Yes, it might be partly due to my love of online quizzes.  Secret: I'm addicted to quizzes, especially the personality type!  What Jane Austen heroine am I?  Elinor Dashwood, all three times I took it!  What genre would I be?  Fantasy.  What fandom am I in?  Well, according to the quiz, The Hunger Games - and I am! - but I'm sure if I could see inside the quiz workings I would see I was also very, very close to Doctor Who!)

Anyway, I'll let Mike's expert and professional email do the talking, since I've somehow rambled off:

Get inspired and energized with this new, life-changing book, Open, by Craig Gross, available now wherever books and eBooks are sold.

Doesn’t it feel great when you find a book that really inspires you? Something that really…

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