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30 Day Challenge - Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

So, I said I was gonna keep up with this thing and then totally forgot for a month. Sorry!  But I do intend to keep going now. ;)
Okay, I know most women have a guilty pleasure, but mine's not as easily defined as "watching Gossip Girl" or whatever.
Alright.  It kinda can.  This definitely counts, and I can't believe I didn't think of it right away.  In fact, I'm indulging right now.  Ready?

The Defining Factor

What defines you?

Are you an athlete?  Writer?  Student?  Christian?  Parent?  Dentist?  Teenager?  Mormon?  Blogger?

You may be many of the above (obviously, you can't be all of the above; if you are, see a therapist and clear up your schedule before you have a heart attack at eighteen).  You may only be one or two.  You may be nothing I've listed.  But what defines you?


I was just re-reading several posts on this blog, and I decided to see what I'd labeled "Inspired by Bailey."  I know that many more posts were affected by her influence than are tagged, but I only tag the posts that are directly inspired by her, and I wanted to see which ones those were.  As I was reading, I found myself for the millionth time wondering what was so amazing about her to me.  Some days I look up to her and other days I know (at least in theory) that she's no 'better' than me or any other girl out there - and she'd be the first to say so.  But still, we all have people we look up to, admire, aspire to be like.  Why?

My Favorite Season: A Poem

What is your favorite season?

The weather of fall is beautiful,

Glorious and bright but

Chilling and crisp.

My First Guest Post

For the very first time ever, I just wrote a guest post over at my dear friend Katelyn's blog.  :D  Actually, it was sort of a cross between a guest post and an interview, since I interviewed myself.... but, anyway.

You can check it out here: A (Maybe) Teen Author Comes Visiting

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An Update On Me

I've been wanting to talk about a few things, so I decided to scrap a theme or topic for this post and just talk about life. :)  Here we go...

A Hate-Love Relationship [A Rather Wordy Post]

I think, in being forced to accept and live with that which we most hate, we eventually come to either embrace it for ourselves or shrivel up inside to avoid it.  Take, for example, a well-known story skeleton: a person is forced to work, live, or otherwise interact with someone they don't like, don't get along with, or downright hate.  Maybe a school student is assigned their arch nemesis as a lab partner.  Maybe a businesswoman is given a career-making or -breaking assignment that requires her to work with her least favorite person in the world.  Whatever the case, the story almost always goes along the lines of them hating each other, then learning more about the other and realizing they're actual people and humans too, then actually enjoying each other's company (or at least appreciating the other person.)