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Click on the link. I dare you.
Seriously, you're not even a tiny bit curious? I promise it's not spam or a bug. Go try it out!
This is the New Mexico Department of Transportation's latest under-age drinking prevention attempt. Some of the stuff on the site seems really pointless and stupid, but you have to admit, it can get funny. And it definitely plays to your curiosity. Humor and intrigue -- both important to grabbing teens' attention.
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From the press release: According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive drinking accounts for 1 in 10 deaths among men and women aged 20-64 years old. This alarming statistic alone warrants reason to help fight this cause in the early stages of child and teen development.

The Chronicles Update and Future Book Plans!

For those of you eagerly awaiting the recently announced College Chronicles series, don't worry! I'm definitely working on it. I've filmed a few videos, and now I'm in the editing stages before posting them here.

Now, today, I have BIG NEWS. Many of you, my lovely readers, are familiar with my book,Sixteen. Many of you are also familiar with other books in the making listed on my Books page. A series I've been planning for a long while called Once Upon a Dream is making some headway lately. I have a complete draft for book one, the Beauty and the Beast retelling titled World of Shadows. And now I have plans to put that book out into the world!

Hopefully, though, I'll be doing this book a little differently than Sixteen. There's a new service on the interwebs called Inkshares that combines crowdfunding and traditional publishing. Want to see my book out on shelves? Ready to get it in your hands? Then I need backers! Support my Inkshares campaign to see World…

Introducing The College Chronicles

So some of you may have noticed that I'm currently in college. Yes, that's right, I am officially an Elementary Education major attending university in Indiana. I've been texting around photos of stuff like chapel or my new haircut.

OKAY yeah sorry got a bit carried away there.... but TADA!

Or... you know, almost. Not quite to her level of sarcasm and genius yet. Nor, sadly, do I work at Warehouse 13. But whatever, I've got the hair down.
Anyway... the point of this post is just to announce an upcoming series in which I write posts (and/or possibly VLOG yes I mean vlog!) about college. You know, from my random individual freshman point of view.
It will be called The College Chronicles and I really don't know anything else yet. So stay tuned!