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Mars Burning by Cidney Swanson

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My Review of Saving Mars

Amazon Summary:
Chancellor Lucca believes Jess and Pavel are dead, and now she's deadly determined to make certain Mars never interferes with her or her world again. Meanwhile on Mars, Mei Lo pleads with the Raiders to finish their second mission: disabling the Terran satellites. But the satellites aren't all that threaten the red planet. Cavanaugh Kipling makes plans to contact Lucca's government--without permission. Now Jessamyn must thwart villains on two worlds before it's too late to prevent the destruction of Mars.
My Thoughts:

Give me a minute to breath.

Okay... no, wait, another minute.  Look at that gorgeous cover while you wait.  Look at that beauty!

Just - just one more, please.

Whew.  This masterpiece really knocks the breath out of you.

Jess is running for her life, breaking rules, kicking butt and being her general all-out Mars patriot hero self - all while falling completely, totally in love with a boy from a world she never wanted anything to do with.

Nothing new there.  But man, this story never gets old.  She is awesome.  Pavel is amazing.  The Wallaces are hilarious.  Lucca is just cold-blooded, terrifying evil in bodily form.  Vladim Wu and Gaspar Bonaparte are freaky psycho minions who drive me nuts and make me cry.  But - dare I say this - Cavanaugh, at least in the level of hatred he drew from me, leaves them all way behind.  The evil, evil, evil traitor... I just have no words for how horrifyingly low the bad guys in this book fell.

The good guys, though - well, they're mostly the same people we've come to adore.  Jess is struggling with whether her rule-breaking streak is really ever a good idea; Kipper is coming to learn that not everything is black and white - while recovering from a whole awful lot; and Pavel is fighting to keep his love alive and well without compromising everything she lives for.  Meanwhile, Brian is just as feisty and Harpreet just as wise and gentle as ever, if a little less present in this book.  (Ironic, considering the group's all together on the run for most of it...)

The plot of this book is a little hard to explain.  Most books have a main plot with a ton of other events that move things along but don't fit in a simple summary.  As far as plot goes, honestly, the Amazon summary gives you almost everything - and that's not a bad thing.  Actions, events, and reactions come along at breakneck speed as the characters race through their crazy lives.  This is the most character-driven book I think I've ever read.

As usual, the writing from Cidney was just brilliant.  Just like the other Mars books, there's no actual language.  There's a little more romance than there's been in the previous Mars books - probably because, you know, the characters are actually with each other more this time - and the line definitely crosses into making out.  If I remember correctly, it's very similar to the kind of thing found in the Ripple series: heavy kissing, a lot of notice at physical aspects, and some sweet-and-literal-not-risque sleeping together.  There's nothing totally PG-13, per say, but be forewarned that it qualifies as sensual.

Four and a half stars and please Cidney hurry with book five! :D

I was provided a free copy of this book.  The author requested a review, but none was guaranteed.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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