Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Heart: A Poem

I recently had a reader point out that, while this is a blog about a teenage writer, I haven't actually posted any of my work. Granted, I wrote all the blog posts and that makes them all my writing, but still. I suppose some of you would like to read an official piece of my work.

So here is a poem I wrote. It's usually the first of my work that I share with anyone. I actually wrote it back when I hated where I was living (which was an island) but I knew my friend loved it there. It was her birthday, and I had no money for a present. So, I wrote her this poem and made her a seashell hanging art thing with her name. (It was a long, narrow shoebox painted light blue with shells glued on and her name in tiny shells.) I have since changed the poem a little, but not much.

However, as I continued to live there, I came to love the beach just as much. :)

The crash of the waves
Upon the shore
The smell of the salt
Oft described in folklore

The feel of the sand
Warm and soft underfoot
The cry of the seagulls
They saw my fresh fruit

The beautiful shells
Each one a new wonder
The sparkling sea glass
Gems thrown asunder

I oft find myself
Craving these things
For unto my heart
The lovely beach clings

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