Book Review: Sisterchicks In Sombreros

Sisterchicks in Sombreros by Robin Jones Gunn
These Sisterchicks relinquish themselves to the dreams God has for them...all under the sombrero of His grace.
Robin Jones Gunn is one of my favorite authors, and her books almost always are written for one audience but are appreciated by a much wider group of people.  Sisterchicks In Sombreros is no exception.

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This book opens with Melanie and her sister Joanne going on a last-minute whirlwind trip to Mexico. Their crazy (excuse me, eccentric) aunt has discovered that their uncle, who died three years ago, left his beachfront property to Melanie and Joanne.  Before Melanie can even begin the usual planning, her aunt's lastest cruise tickets are exchanged for two cruise tickets to Mexico, and the 'almost twins' are on the adventure of a lifetime.


Accidentally sneaking into a private party, discovering Melanie's allergies to mango (or is it guava?), and a heroic act on Joanne's part, the duo find themselves driving across the desert in a Jeep with no roof.  Sharing a dinner of tortillas and cactus and a night in a single bed with a Spanish woman teaches them to count their blessings.  The sisters run into a cop who doesn't speak English and a doctor who is surprisingly single.  Then, after enjoying a few days in the 'silver sci-fi' trailer, complete with hammock and four-foot stuffed marlin, they drive back to the other side of the Baja Peninsela and finish the trip with an on-board cake decorating contest.


All through their trip, God seems to be working in the sisters' lives.  Joanne is opening up to the dreams God might have for her and Dr. Matthew, while Melanie must learn to stop running from and start running to God.  The sisters learn to count their blessings and let God, not their plans or dreams, reign over their lives.
This book is full of laughter and lessons, and a few kooky characters.  All in all, I give this book the full five stars.


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