Disney Day Two: Epcot

After sleeping in the next morning, we woke up feeling as if we hadn't slept at all. (That's how I felt, anyway.)  But we all got up and ready for the day, and we drove to Denny's for breakfast. (This is important because it was our first time at Denny's since we moved to Japan.) After breakfast, Jon was feeling sick from too much sugar and we stopped at a drugstore for Pepto-Bismol. (I later called Pepto-Bismol a 'magic potion' - a comment invariably produced from my already absorbing way too many comments about magic from the night before. We made jokes throughout the week about magic and Pepto-Bismol.)
After that we drove back to the cabins and took a bus to Epcot.  My memory after that is a little foggy.  I know where we went, but not in the order, so bear with me.

We went to Spaceship Earth at some point during the day, so since it's first on this map/list that I brought home, I guess it'll go first here.  My thoughts? A pretty cool ride!  We rode in a 'time machine' through the stages of progress in history (my favorite probably being the mechanical people in Greece or the scroll library in Alexandria).  Then, the two people in each car (Nick rode with me) took this quiz about what we'd like to see in the future and what we would want new technology for.  This is followed by a little surprise that I am not about to spoil. ;) After the ride, there's a big room with futuristic stuff like electronic floor games or 3D, remote-control surgery training.
Still going by this map rather than memory, we rode in Mission: Space, where Eddie chose the intense Orange Team while Jon, Nick, and I manned a milder Green Team simulator. It was stellar, for a simulator.

Next the map says we went to The Seas With Nemo & Friends, which was a kiddie ride in 'clamobiles' through the Nemo story. (Condensed version, of course.)
Soarin' - a simulated sky-gliding ride through California - is next on the map.  I thought it was a show with California scenery, but it was actually an amazing and totally-worth-it ride that felt very real.
Mom wanted to go on the Living With the Land boat ride, so we headed over there. It was really a neat ride, and we even went through the 'Epcot golf ball' greenhouse. (My brothers' phrase. And there really is a lab, a couple rides, and a greenhouse inside.) I loved the greenhouse.

The final attraction on this part of the map (that we went to) is the Circle of Life show about environmental awareness. I'm not sure how my family liked it, but I thought it was a little too loud to be enjoyable.  Still, a cute show with Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and a lot of human videos.

Then (switching to memory now) we started at the last country showcase pavilion and worked our way up. That last pavilion was Canada, which we just walked through.

After Canada, we walked past the United Kingdom... (after a quick stop to see Mary Poppins)
... and headed to France. We were walking rather quickly now, because Dad was on a mission: find the pastry shop we stopped at during our last visit. I could only remember dim, blurry 'pictures' of Epcot from our last visit, so I had no clue what we were looking for. (Turns out it was a place called Boulangerie Patisserie.) Once we found it and got in line, I recognized the inside - just barely.  I chose an eclair, since I wasn't sure what I liked besides a crossaint and I really wanted to try something new.  Mom got elephant ears, Dad got... something, Eddie got a crossaint, Jon got an eclair, and Nick... I can't remember what he got, either. I didn't like my eclair, but Dad ate it and I went back for a good ole crossaint.  After we ate, I believe this was where Eddie and I found Marie the Aristocat and Princess Aurora. Of course, we had to stop for autographs and photos.

Anyway, once Dad's French pastry craving was filled, we were on our way again.  We passed Morocco...
... and Japan. I think we all were just fine with passing by a miniature American version of a place we lived for three years.

After Japan, we walked by the American Adventure. I had wanted to see the Voices of Liberty or the Hat Lady, but all the shows were done for the day.

Then we stopped for another pastry in Italy.  This time it was a canoli, which Dad had mentioned earlier.  We were all interested (except Mom, who knew what it was) until he said it was cheese and chocolate. Then Jon and Nick said that was a disgusting combonation and Eddie told Dad he didn't like cheese. (A fact which the rest of us are a little too familiar with. Lately I think he's pickier than me!) But Dad and I enjoyed the tiny treats, and then everyone got an Italian ice cream - which was pretty much shaved ice. (I might add that the Italy Pavilion was my second favorite, because the mini statues and the buildings looked a lot like those from a movie that was filmed in Italy - A Room With a View. Horribly written book, but an amazing movie.)

We took our Italian ice creams to the Germany Pavilion, where we stopped to eat.  Between these two pavilions, Mom and I found a miniature Tangled Rapunzel's tower and I stopped for a photo. :)

After Germany was China, where we stopped for a photo in front of the Reflections of China tower.
Then we almost walked past Norway, but we spotted the Maelstrom ride and decided to make a quick stop.

(This one's from the Maelstrom ride.)

The final pavilion was Mexico, where we took pictures in front of the Aztec-style ziggurat and then went inside and rode the Gran Fiesta Tour. Of course, we stopped at the little gift shack first, where Eddie posed in a ridiculously enormous sombrero. It was pretty funny.

When we left the ziggurat, it was already dark. (We were beginning to notice that darkness falls in Florida a LOT faster than in Georgia.)  We kids had asked for pretzels earlier, but Mom said we'd get them later.  So now we trekked back to the pretzel spot... and discovered they were closed.  Nobody was very happy to discover that almost everything else was, too.  We hiked back to one of the pavilions to find a good viewpoint for Illuminations and ate the now-slightly-smushed granola bars Mom had packed in the backpack.  The show was amazing, but afterwards all I can remember is following my family with one half-shut eye because of all the firework smoke.  We headed home and got a lot more sleep that night than the night before.


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