My New Blogging Buddy Group

I recently joined Blogelina's Online Community, and followed/joined their website with blogging tips and tricks.  I also joined the Blogging Buddy System and was assigned to Facebook group number 23. :)
So, now I comment on and get to know four other bloggers. (Well, right now it's three but when someone else joins the system we'll get our fifth and final member.)
We're also trying to spread the word about the others' blogs.  So that's what I'm here to do this beautiful, stormy evening.
First off is Laura, a Catholic homeschooling mom.  Her blog is Day by Day in Our World, about her family's homeschooling adventures.
Then there's Ellen, who actually has two blogs I know of.  The first blog, which ironically I was following before I met her in the buddy group, is The Socialite's Closet.  It's full of news and reviews regarding women's fashion.  Her second blog, which I get the impression is her main blog, is Confessions of an Overworked Mom.  It focuses on eco-friendly, frugal, gourmet products.
Finally (for now), there's a person who asked to remain anonymous.  This person blogs at Snob on a Budget, which is currently being moved to a self-hosted site.  Once the transfer is complete, the address will change.
Stop by my new friends' blogs.  Who knows, you might find a post that's actually useful, rather than the rambles about my life that are found here. ;)


  1. Emily,

    Thanks for sharing about the small group. Glad to meet you through it and I'll be looking forward to reading posts here. (After all, even those of us who blog are authors...and some of us aspire to go beyond the blog.)

    Laura O in AK


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