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I recently read a blog post about a woman who had just completed one year without buying any new clothes.  I wanted to share this post with you, but when I googled it I discovered that finding a certain blog would be difficult.  Why?

Apparently this is a big deal.

If any of you have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic (amazing movie, btw) or read the book, this will seem rather funny.  But, similar to the one in that book, there is a real online program for shopping addicts.  The website is here, for anyone who wants to look.

All that to say, that first post inspired me today to start a One School Year Challenge.  I just thought this up a few minutes ago, so we'll work out the kinks as we go.  But the basic idea is, everybody doing the challenge will agree to give up one thing for the school year.  It can be an activity or food/drink, like my best friend does for Lent, or it can be buying something, like the wholes clothes thing.  Then, at certain intervals - like once a month or biweekly - we'll all 'check in' and either tell everybody how psyched we are that we stayed committed or we'll guiltily share how we broke the rules.  Maybe we can call the time between each check-in something fancy, like a term or session or something.

Why should we do this? One, 'cause it's fun.  At times it may be torture, but you know a part of you likes the idea just because it's novel and different and a challenge.  Two, 'cause we all have that one thing that gets us every time that we know, deep down inside, we need to give up.  Three, 'cause I like starting projects and traditions and clubs and this would make a great tradition.  Giving something up for the school year falls into the 'traditions' category.

But in order to do this, there has to be at least two people.  I'd prefer three or four or five, but two works.  Here's what we'll do:

I'm committing to One School Year Without {blank}.  My rules for my commitment are as follows:

1. {first blank} defined: {blank}
2. Allowed exceptions include {blank}
3. I'm giving myself {number} strikes.
4. Start date is {blank}.  End date is {blank}.

An example (which is actually my commitment):

I'm committing to One School Year Without Buying Books.  My rules for my commitment are as follows:

1. Buying Books defined: paying money to read, listen to, and/or own an unnecessary book.  This includes all genres, for all age groups.
2. Allowed exceptions include: devotionals, school-related books, and books purchased with gift cards given to me by relatives.
3. I'm giving myself 3 strikes.
4. Start date is August 9, 2011.  End date is June 1, 2012.


  1. I think it's a great idea Emily. It forces you to be creative in your book acquisition, borrow from friends, the library, find free downloads etc.

    I have gone of different avoidances, not drinking soda, not buying make-up, not going out to eat etc.

    Are you planning on doing anything with the money you save?

  2. Actually, I don't have much money to spend on books. That would be a major reason to stop spending the little I have. I don't have any current plan as to what else to spend it on, but I'm sure I'll end up needing (or wanting) something.

  3. I've done a spending fast most years during Lent. Only buy the things we absolutely need for survival and avoid the rest.

    I love books, but find that I am better off at the library for them. Now I also do some book reviews which has the downside of filling up the house.

  4. I'm committing to One School Year Without Unhealthy Snacks. My rules for my commitment are as follows:

    1. Unhealthy Snacks defined: food that is classified as 'junk food' or has little nutritional value and is not eaten with a meal.
    2. Allowed exceptions include desserts, being a food set out with or after a meal and meant to be eaten directly after the meal.
    3. I'm giving myself 9 strikes.
    4. Start date is August 22, 2011. End date is June 22, 2011.

  5. I'm committing to One School Year Without eating out. My rules for my commitment are as follows:

    1. Eating out: eating food served at restaurants, cafeterias or diners.
    2. Allowed exceptions include: family or work affairs where I don't pay.
    3. I'm giving myself 10 strikes.
    4. Start date is August 9, 2011. End date is June 1, 2012.

  6. @Laura O: Thanks for stopping by! I just realized I never saw your comment. :\ So sorry! I love filling the house with my review books, although I might decide to do a few giveaways in the future...

    @Anonymous and Dial Docters: Good luck with your committments! We'll have monthly updates and you can add your own update in the comments. :)


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