10 + 1 Things I Love

(in no particular order)

1. Cheerios. Original, Honey Nut, Multi-Grain - oh, how I crave Cheerios.

2. Free stuff. Who doesn't?

3. Unusual socks. Knee-length, thigh-high, plaid, argyle, polka-dotted, printed.... abnormal socks are just cool.

4. Books. Duh.

5. Poetry. Especially that of the my favorite poets, such as Emily Dickinson, Sara Teasdale, Christina Rosetti, and the amazing Edgar Allan Poe.

6. Sound of Music. One Night with the King. The Christy movies. And all those other favorite films of mine. :)

7. Seasons. The crisp chill of fall; the glittering snow of a true winter; the new blossoms lining the sidewalk in spring; the lazy calm of summer.

8. Christmas. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music. I love Christmas food. I love Christmas decorations. I love Christmas parties. I love Christmas presents. I love Christmas outfits. I love Christmas spirit. I just love Christmas.

9. The Internet. Facebook, Gmail, Google, and let's not forget the wonderful Blogger.

10. Writing. Like that Beauty and the Beast story I'm working on, or my poetry, or book reviews... or these blog posts.

11. This blog. And you, my lovely readers. Because a blog isn't a blog without readers. ;)


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