Friendlight Friday

Today I decided to try something I'm calling Friendlight Fridays.  Every Friday, I'll share a post from one of my blogger friends or a blogger I love, and leave a link for anyone who likes it to follow that blog.  (The name was a cross between 'Friend' and 'spotlight.'  If anybody has a better idea, I'd love to hear it in the comments.  Follow-Me Friday didn't seem right and Friendly Fridays... well, I wasn't sure.)

So this week's very first Friendlight is...

(Big surprise, right? I couldn't help myself.)

Random Acts of Kindness

On a wet afternoon, the pavements slick with rain, the sky still grumbling over the busy streets, a woman makes her way through a row of parked cars. She carries a Walmart bag and a swing in her step, and as she passes each tear-streaked windshield, she takes a single flower from her bag and nestles it, carefully, atop the wipers.

She spreads random acts of kindness, flowers on the windshields, wherever she goes. Sometimes it's rolls of quarters and dimes; sometimes it's a "You are special!" note; sometimes it's more flower petals. But she sprinkles joy in a world so empty of hope. It's her bridge to world peace.

Twice I came across stories like this. What better way to spread awareness of the little things in life, placing happy tokens of random kindness on windshields, dropping nickels on the pavement, throwing notes to the wind and seeing where they land? If that's not the epitome of stopping to smell the roses in life, I don't know what is.

Yet somehow, however cute, these random acts of kindness seemed so -- empty. Shallow. A slap in the face to true sorrow, true contentment. Yes, flowers are pretty, notes are nice, and quarters -- I guess rolls of quarters would come in handy for a Snickers bar raid. I like random. I like nice.

But these people talk about this on a world level scale of peace and happiness, melding lives together in kindness, changing the face of the earth through scattered pieces of love. They go way beyond the neat idea of scattering random papers and noting people's reactions. They dedicate their lives to it, to being nice. There's even a website, a foundation, dedicated to random acts of kindness. It's like a peaceful little religion in itself, promoting happiness and sanity one random act at a time.


We can do better than that.


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