Blogs I Love

Blogs I Love
(in alphabetical order)

adorkable by Dezzy

Ask Caitlin by Caitlin O'Conner

Breezes in the Meadows by Sarah Grace

Far Above Rubies by Jasmine

Just Us Girlz by AnnaKate

Only a Breath by Melanie

Muthering Heights by Jessica

Pastor's Girl's Ponderings by Carlotta

Pro-Life Quotes by Christine

Scribble Chicks by the Scribble Chicks

The Daughter of a King by Anna

The Disney Wedding Blog by Carly

The YA Blogosphere (Teen Blog Directory)

You Are Still Loved by Bethany

Young Homemakers by Rachel and Jessica

As you can see, there's pretty much something for everyone. I sorted through the 200+ blogs I follow to find the ones I truly love and check up on. The topics range from mothering, homemaking, and parenting to books, clothing, and random life. A unique blend of just about anything.... kinda describes this blog, huh? ;)


  1. you're welcome. :] I actually just discovered your blog recently ;) I love the music - the first song is the same one Grace has at her garden blog.

  2. Thanks so much, Emily! I love your blog too-- I can totally relate to the struggles of a teen author... :)

  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate my reader's support and am very happy when I hear my little garden has blessed/encouraged another sister in Christ.


  4. I'm honored, dearie. :) Thank you!

  5. Aww, that is so sweet! That is quite an honor to be selected...thank you Emily Rachelle! :D I'm glad God could use our little blog in your life. :)

    You have a lovely blog too!
    Keep shining for Jesus!

    In Christ,

  6. Hi girls :) Thanks for stopping by. I'd say I love your blogs, but I already said that ;)


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