Sunday, September 4, 2011

Devotions By You

Hey everybody! Yes, I'm posting on an 'off' day again.  But I have some more news to share with you, and an invitation to those interested.

Some of you know I run the P.O. Box Club.  Well, when you run a club, you make plenty of new friends and really get to know some of the members.  One particular member who has really helped out a lot is Anna.  Now Anna would like to start an email chain devotional, and you're invited to take part.

This devotional is girls-only, and really pretty simple.  Anna will write the introduction to each devo and a list of those involved.  Then, whoever wants to submit a devo for the chain email sends it to her, and she adds it in under the intro.  About weekly or every other week, she'll send it out and we can start over.

This is entirely Anna's idea and her project; I'm just helping write the devotionals and recruiting girls interested.

There's no age limit that I know of, and at the moment we don't have themes or specific topics in mind.  Write about whatever you want to share; just make sure it's Biblical and include the main verses you use, and the references to supporting verses.  (To find verses from a certain passage, topic, or key words, visit Bible Gateway.  Even if you know exactly which verses you want, copying and pasting saves a lot of typing time.)

Interested in joining us?  Comment below, or contact me at or Anna at

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