Far Worse Than America's Worst

Ten years ago today, nearly 3,000 people died in one day.

Four planes crashed, killing 246.

2,606 died in the Twin Tower tragedies.

125 died in the Pentagon crash.

55 military personnel died as well.

Nearly 3,000 people died on that one day, and America pulled together like never before.  The past ten years have been affected by that one day that many people think of as the worst day in America's history.  Security has gone way up nation-wide; military personnel of all branches have fought, and many have died, trying to get revenge and put an end to those who were responsible.  Even today, there are deaths from unique illness caused by debris, smoke, or other factors that entered victim's bodies on that day.  Along with the 3,000, there are many others whose deaths have been identified as caused by such factors.  Documentaries, news specials, articles, blog posts, television shows, books, and many other forms of media have been created in memory of that one day.

Yet, every day in the world, there are roughly 115,000 deaths from a single cause.  That's 30 times as many as the 9/11 deaths.  That's 42 million deaths a year.  From one cause.  But few people fight to right these deaths; few people struggle to put an end to these unnecessary tragedies; few people fight for governmental aid and support in stopping these deaths; and few Americans know the truth about the horror surrounding this one cause of so many deaths.

The cause I speak of is abortion.

Now that you know what I'm talking about, you may sneer at the so-called facts I just shared.  Moments before, I'm sure you felt sorrow and compassion toward the tragedies of the mystery deaths; now you either share my rage at this killer or are itching to shut me up.  But I cannot be silenced as easily as those innocent billions.  I will not quiet my voice when billions of children are counting on me to say the words they cannot.

Like a servicewoman who dies in Afghanistan, fighting for freedom, and yet her name is never heard by those she died for; so I will die before allowing my fight for an innocent child's freedom to be ended.

On September 11, 2001, 3,000 people died and it changed America forever.  Today, 115,000 people will die; will it change you?


  1. Amazing post! Thank you for putting that into perspective. So many people don't realize the horrible tragedy that befalls humankind every day!

  2. Hello Cara. Thanks for reading. I feel very strongly about these poor kids. (In case you couldn't tell!) On Tuesday I'll be posting a list of ways everyone can help stop these daily deaths.


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