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When I vowed to commit myself into an intimate relationship with Him, that meant I would have to consider if my dreams are a part of His. It sounds like marriage, actually. That His heart would be my heart. His plans would be my plans. How his heart beats should be how my heart would also beat. And I would have to submit and let Him lead, ALL OF THE TIME. Because He is my Lord and my God, and He loves me and cares for me.

And honestly, thinking about it now… I`ve never been that intimate as I should, as I have promised. I thought that intimacy with Him meant to follow orders, to listen to His commands so I would live a good life. I thought intimacy just meant praying, and singing and sitting on my desk reading the Bible every morning.
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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.. I am sure you will be great mommy blogger in 10 years :)))

  2. Hey Marina! Thanks for reading :) I don't know if I'll be a 'normal' Mommy Blogger, talking about coupons and cute baby clothes, but I have a while to decide ;)


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