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This week's Friendlight Friday is from a blog, but it's a special website blog. I feel very strongly on this issue and have since I first discovered it less than a year ago.

This article is written by Lindsay and was posted on Abort73

I can only conclude that many of you have never made the choice that I did. If you had, wouldn’t you have told me more… because you care about me, right? You would have told me about the way the clinic smells of blood and death. You would have told me that undergoing a surgical abortion would be the worst pain I would ever experience. You would have told me that you can hear and feel the tissue being ripped away and sucked out of your body, and that even years later I wouldn’t be able to stand the sound of a normal household vacuum cleaner. You would have told me that they make post-abortive patients leave out of the back door because they don’t want anyone coming in to know what someone looks like going out. You would have told me that the evil presence in those clinics feels so thick you could cut it with a knife. You would have told me that my uterus could be punctured.

You would not have told me that it is only tissue.You would not have told me it was only cells. If you, too, had taken Mifepristone and given birth to a six-week-old embryo, you would not have told me it was not yet a baby. You would have told me it had a brain and a heartbeat and was very much a child. You would know because you, like me, would have seen it. You would have held it and known immediately that what you just killed was, in fact, a baby…but by that time it would be too late to change your mind. You would have told me about the nightmares and the enormous sense of loss. You would have told me that my abortions would end any hope for my boyfriend and I to ever have a family together. And, because you care about me, I would like to think that if you had known, you would have told me that when your baby dies, a part of you dies right along with it. The choice to terminate the hope of one life actually terminates the hope of two, and no matter how hard I wanted things to go back to normal, they never would.

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  1. Earlier this year, I reviewed a very powerful DVD called Blood Money ( talked about abortion as an industry and the lies those in that industry would tell just to get another girl in the clinic for a 'procedure.' They also interviewed a few women who had abortions and each one talked about how painful of an experience it was and how it haunted them for years.
    I have to give thanks that my younger sister, when pressured by some friends, took the time to meet another friend's friend who talked about the horrible experience she had and the regret that continued to haunt her from the moment the deed was done. Had my sister not had that conversation, my nephew would not be here.

  2. @Zoe: I'm not one for emotions and I almost never cry, but every time I hear about the lives destroyed or watch one of Abort73's videos that unveil the truth, I either cry or get so raging mad I have to bite my tongue to keep from yelling at somebody. I think God gives different burdens to different people, and my burden is to put an end to these horrors.
    @Laura: I've heard of a couple of newer movies featuring women who've had an abortion, but I haven't heard of that one. I'll have to check out your review. And I'm so glad your sister chose life :) Stories like hers, and children like your nephew, remind us why our fight for life is so important, and show us that there is hope.

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I love it when I get a new email subscriber, or GFC follower. (: I will definitely take your advice...thanks alot and keep the awesome writing up!!
    -Brit @ Sochubble (:

  4. Wow Brit, you're definitely a fast responder! Haha. If you ever need any other bloggy help, I've taken some online classes and know of some great advice websites and whatnot. ;)


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