Friendlight Friday

We preach the gospel as if heaven is the end goal in salvation: "Make sure you know where you're going when you die! It could happen any minute, you know." Christ died, so it goes, so that we can end up in heaven, as opposed to hell -- so we could walk the streets of gold eternally instead of fester and burn at the other end of the spectrum.

That has much more appeal than the happiness of being free from sin, enslaved to Christ.

Most "Christians" today are happy with a heaven without Jesus. Heaven to them is just a welcome relief from hell. That's the most exciting aspect about it. They'll see their friends. They'll be blissful forever. They'll sing songs and wear wings and occupy a mansion. We're just glad to get out of a hard world.

But our primary obsession about heaven should be that finally, finally we see Jesus face to face. We'll be rid of the sin that clouds our relationship. We'll be fully enabled to praise Him eternally. We'll serve Him forever. We'll be with Him forever. Our obsession of Christ on earth is now in this beautiful, eternal climax now.

A relationship with Jesus -- modern day Christianity doesn't really know what that is.

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