Friendlight Friday

I was frantic. I couldn't find another shirt - the one I had on was stained - my grocery list wasn't ready, I was about to cry, had been grouchy to Isaac and Becca, which made me feel horrible, and it was all my fault.

I hadn't heard her tell me that we were going shopping today - two days before I was ready!

Why must these things happen to me? WHY?

I looked up at the wall with a tortured stare, consumed with my own pathetic misery, unhappy, unable to feel thanks that I was at least able to go shopping for the family groceries.

Then, there, among the frantic racing and raging a mental picture flashed before me. I saw Jesus standing just on the other side of my closet door. His robes were white - almost glowing- in their spotlessness, His face seemed to shine. I, even in the mental image, was still crazily plowing through my closet, close to tears and raging, inwardly.

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