My Dream Wedding

After seeing a post about a fellow teen-girl-blogger's dream wedding (which, sadly, I can no longer find) I decided to post my own dream wedding.
Back when Ash and I had our first sleepover, she came over to my place and we watched One Night with the King and made wedding dream-books.  It took all day, way too much colored ink, and actually we had to finish on a later Sunday afternoon, but it was great fun.  And now I'm going to share the finished dream book I made with you. :)
Just a note: the last page has the honeymoon. Ash was all exotic and found a gorgeous photo of Bora Bora online. I didn't really have a preference for where to go on my honeymoon, so I pulled out an old postcard I had.  I've got this utterly romantic and probably unrealistic idea that the hubby-to-be ought to choose and arrange the honeymoon, and the bride shouldn't know where they're going until they get there.  I do love surprises...

Wedding Dreambook - making a free slideshow

I spent an hour learning how to use the scanner since it wouldn't work with my laptop. Arg. I had to scan, re-name, save, and then email all the pages from Dad's laptop to mine. :P The pages look darkened in spots because of the uneven '3D' stuff like ribbons or shells, and because the glue made the pages wrinkly-ish when they dried.

Credit: Photo slideshow made with Kizoa. Wedding Dress created with Wedding Dress Creator. Other photos featured were found on various websites with Google search.  Various beach wedding ideas found at Bella's Beach Weddings.


  1. You need to keep this stuff for sure.
    I remember talking about my wedding to my friends when I was a teen, coming up with ideas and buying wedding magazines to look at dresses and such.
    My wedding in May was a bit different to what I thought it would be 15 years ago which I think is go as my tastes changed. I did have 2 friends from high school as my bridesmaids though. Another high school friend was the cross bearer at the church. So those girls were still very important to me.

  2. I definitely plan to keep it, but of course my ideas of 'the perfect wedding' will probably be completely different in just two years. :) Haha, I can never make my mind up. Some times I think beach weddings are amazing, but then I'll hear about a Christmas wedding or see photos from an old-fashioned weddings and think 'oh that's perfect!'. Then, of course, there's all the movie and book themes that I'd love... Guess I'll have to wait and see :)
    What was your wedding like? Did you have a theme? If you don't mind my asking.

  3. I love weddings! Always filled with romance and just down to earth sweetness! Love your idea that the groom to be picks out the honeymoon, I have to keep that in mind! but Bora Bora is my dream honeymoon though ;)

  4. Hey hmfrederick! Glad you dropped by ;) I have a bit of an obsession with weddings (ask Ash. or my anonymous bestie.) Every so often I get this 'great idea' that I'll be a wedding planner... but that's just not what I really want, just something that could be fun for a while.
    I like Bora Bora (the photo Ash found was gorgeous!) but I think I'd go a little crazy with nothing but water surrounding the house... haha.

  5. The advice on keeping this copy will work… Even if you plan on getting married two years from now (or longer), you should still pursue collecting and making more ideas… You’ll probably get some from other blogs! You shouldn’t worry if you couldn’t find that first blog you’ve found. There could be more moving inspirations you can see online. Don’t forget to ask advice from the experts as well. You won’t absolutely have difficulties in planning when the right time comes… :D

  6. Thanks for your advice, Kindra. Whenever I tell people about my dream book, I joke about how if/when I get engaged, I could totally go for the two-month engagement since I've already planned it all.

    Also, you are so right about online inspirations. Pinterest is amazing, and random ideas I see in blog posts or on wedding websites are just so gorgeous. :)


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