They Need You

Ways You Can Promote Life...

...For Free (Or dirt cheap):
  • host Abort73 video showings at your home, church, etc.
  • pray
  • fast - give up something, not necessarily food, for a set amount of time and pray - pray lots!
  • wear light pink and baby blue ribbons in remembrance of the lost babies
  • donate your Facebook status to Abolish Abortion
  • Tweet and/or Facebook quotes, statistics, and links to inform your friends and followers
  • share Abort73 photos and videos
  • stay informed about the latest in the abortion and pro-life movements, and the people involved
  • write blog posts, Facebook notes, poems, stories, articles, etc. sharing the truth
  • honor those who would have graduated with you, if not for their tragic deaths
  • volunteer at Pregnancy Crisis Centers
  • vote for politicians who fight to end abortion
  • request books at bookstores and local libraries that tell the truth about abortion
  • set your automatic email signature to include a pro-life phrase and/or link
  • fly the flag half-mast in honor of those killed daily
  • use pro-life cupcakes to remember and open conversations about those who never had a birthday
  • write pro-life messages on public sidewalks with chalk
  • attend prayer vigils, conferences, conventions, and rallies

...With Your Money:
  • place a memorial stone in the local/church cemetary with an inscription honoring those aborted
  • buy an advertisement for Abort73, a local pro-life center/organization, or sharing a pro-life message
  • donate to Abort73 or another pro-life organization
  • buy Abort73 or other pro-life clothing, pins, bags, stickers, flyers, etc.
  • use pro-life checks, notepads, memos, or sticky notes
  • share pro-life booklets, books, phamplets, and other literature
  • sell/give away pro-life clothing, pens, etc. and share information at a booth at a local fair, rally, or other event
  • purchase or donate used books sharing the truth about abortion to local stores and libraries
...During Special Events:
(Note: these are all the events I know of that have online information.  Some are Catholic, Protestant, nondenominational, or secular.  I realize different readers have different beliefs, and share this information for use at your discretion.)


  1. Interesting list. Do people really pay attention to things like artwork on checks or stickynotes?

  2. Hey Jenny! Thanks for stopping by.

    If people already know at least something about the fight for life vs. abortion, maybe not. But others who know nothing of this struggle will wonder why that one word - Life - is so important. Also, if the checks, notes, etc. were to include a website or phone number, many people would look into it simply out of curiousity. Then they would receive information that could change their lives, or at least their viewpoints.


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