Bucket List (a beginning, that is)

So, my friend Nathan, my brother Eddie, and myself have been hanging out lately and recently mentioned bucket lists.  We tossed the idea around and made a few suggestions before Nathan said I ought to make one as a Tuesday list.  Which brings us to today's post.

As a bucket list is sort of a lifelong thing - growing as you get older and get more ideas, shrinking as you cross off completed items - this is really just a start to my list.  It's a list, nonetheless.

Before I Die

To Do:
-graduate from high school
-read every book on my To-Read lists
-adopt a child
-have a pet that is MINE
-hold a koala
-feed a giraffe
-ride on a dolphin's back
-own and run an orphanage
-be published
-look through a telescope
-attend a March for Life/SFLA conference/March for Life Youth Rally
-own a VW bug or bus
To Learn:
-sign language
-sewing (with buttons, zippers, etc.)

To Visit:
-all 50 states

To Meet (Face-to-Face):
-Robin Jones Gunn (author, Christy Miller & Friends series)
-Liz Curtis Higgs (author and fun person)
-Shannon Hale (author, The Books of Bayern series)
-Margaret P. Haddix (author, Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors)
-Ericka (pen pal)


  1. Hey Anna! Thanks for visiting :) Some of it is more exotic or exciting than others... plus I realized after I posted that I already few a giraffe at the zoo this summer. :P


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