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I know this post will be controversial; please, if you agree or disagree, the comment box is open to all opinions.  I have long felt this way about this popular series, but have never found the words myself.  Personally, some of Bailey's posts combined with my own thoughts and this post (its points on books in general and contentment) have made me rethink my stance on several issues.  I'd love to add your beliefs or thoughts to my considerations.

Romances today are unrealistic and have absolutely no purpose except make single girls fantasize about what they want to have and married woman uncontent with what they do. Most of them are painting images that are unpractical and are going to leave women disappointed with they life they have. Don't get me wrong, my opinion isn't that love stories are evil. Some of my favorite books have a side romance in them. But when the book focuses only on the passion with no discretion, no boundaries, no Biblical standards...that's when things go awry.

The whole fact that Meyer purposefully made Bella to be Eve and Edward to represent the forbidden fruit sickens me a bit. Just look at the cover. That was a sorrowful story...not one to be painted onto some romantic love tale and have it be good that Bella is "following her heart".
She even has a verse at the beginning of the book, Genesis 2:17 to be exact, that talks about the forbidden fruit.

How far have we fallen that we are taking the sin of Eve and putting it in a good light? Making it to look okay to go after what is wrong, what is forbidden?

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