K is for...


Haha.  I don't have any photos of kangaroos (why do I always think of animals first?), but I have plenty of kid photos!  This one's Bella. :)  Did I mention she moved while I was at camp? :(

This would be Hannah, my little fourth of July model.  She's Mikaela's little monkey of a sister.

Random child from the church nursery.  His name's Reed. (Or is this one Ethan? They're unrelated, but they look so much alike!)

Finally, Becca.  Who did the 'toe-painting' in the last of these photos.  And who has also moved away.


  1. Hey, I've noticed you on my blog! HAHA! Anyways, I was wondering how did you get the Dorrance button at the bottom of your page because I've asked about one but they told me they didn't have on. Let me know. I'd love to borrow it! Thanks. Love the new design!

  2. Hi there! I actually made some of those buttons myself. It won't let me paste the code here for some reason, but if you email me at newyorksnowflake@gmail.com I can send it to you.


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