Wednesday, October 19, 2011

M is for...

Miniature Cupcakes

This is my last cupcake post for the year, I promise!  But when I came to 'm,' all I could think was 'my' or 'mini'... so then I thought of the millions of mini cupcakes we made for Cupcake Day 2011!

From right: my wonderful mother, who gave up her only sleep-in Saturday this month to get us to the church and bake all day; my brother Jon; and Joseph, a volunteer from the middle school group.  In the left/background area, you can see my brother Eddie's head behind another volunteer, RJ.

My mother's and friend Hannah's hands frosting the first of the cupcakes.

Cupcakes! Yum. :)

And more cupcakes! Only prettier this time ;)

My best friend Ashlee and my boyfriend Nathan passing out cupcakes and flyers to church members by one of the main doors.


  1. Hey! I remember the last picture! That was fun! But on a serious note, I sincerely hope that those fliers raised awareness about abortion. Can you wait till next year?!

  2. Hey Nathan! I can't believe you actually commented! *fake gasp* Haha, I am excited for next year, yes. Right now, though, I'm trying to 'live in the moment' and focus on other pro-life events - like yesterday's Silent Solidarity Day.

  3. They look great. :) (The cakes)

  4. Thanks for visiting, Anna! They tasted great, too. I <3 baking. :)


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