Today, I interrupt my blog schedule to share a very important pro-life day.

I'm not going to write anything today; most of you know my stand on the abortion issue by now, and those who don't can just check out these posts.

Today is an important day in the pro-life world: Silent Solidarity Day.  I'm registered to wear an arm band; maybe next year I can make the vow of silence, too.

Will you give up your voice for a day in honor of those who will never have one?


  1. i follow you now! please come visit my blog @ and follow back!♥

    and i'm 100% with you today. i've seen "180." abortion angers me to the point of steam coming out my ears. thank you for standing up for them!

  2. Hey Cubette! Thanks for dropping by. :) I really like your blog - especially that Tennyson post! (From one blogger to another, though, you might want to work on the right sidebar. I don't know if you noticed, but the buttons are on top of each other. :P)

    If you want to stand up against abortion, too, it doesn't take much. Check out this post: For more blogger-specific ideas, you can email me at


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