Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've run out of list ideas, and I was browsing Teen Ink when I realized something.  This blog is called Struggles of a (Maybe) Teen Author, and yet I've only shared one piece of my 'real' work.  So now I'll share a little something I've written each week.  Most of these are posted on various websites.


At times when things are hopeless;

Ones you love are far away;

Remember the cheer and laughter

From a long-gone day.

Read what you wrote in your diary

On a day when you were sad-

Then read what you wrote the next day,

When somebody made you glad.

Look back at a photo taken

Of you with all your friends

Distance can never erase that

Or make a friendship end.

Watch a movie you made at a party

With no real meaning or plot

Hear the laughter and the giggles

And be thankful for all you've got

At times when things seem hopeless;

Ones you love seem far away;

Remember the cheer and laughter

Of a recent yesterday.


  1. i like it! and it's so true, especially the part about watching old videos.

  2. Hi Cubette :) I'm glad you liked it. Personally I think it's one of my better pieces.


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