Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Seven - Five Things You Couldn't Possibly Live Without

Now, with this one, I could obviously go at least two different ways.  I could be boring and list necessities such as food and water.... or I can be creative and tell y'all what things would be really hard for me to do without, although technically I could live without them.

Of course, a writer like myself just has to take the creative path!

1. My laptop - blogging, homework, social networking, email, WordPad... I don't know what I'd do without them!  (Well, except the homework part.)

2. My cell phone - not until recently did I realize how vital this little gadget has become to communication in my life.

3. My doodle pillow - okay, this one was just for fun.  I have this old blue pillowcase that a friend and I decorated with Sharpies at my twelfth birthday party.  Everything from that day has since faded off, but I take the pillow everywhere - camp, sleepovers, etc. - and write on it whenever something important happens or I get really bored.

4. My mother - seriously, I don't think either of us could live without the other - and I don't mean that in a haughty way.  I help her with meals, and she does my laundry, and I help the boys with math or language, while she does all my teacher-work.... you know, she's my mom.  Then there's the whole 'complicated emotional relationship bonds' between mothers and daughters... all right, I'll stop now.

5. You.  A writer isn't a writer until somebody reads their work - and not just because somebody told them to, but because they actually want to read it.  I wouldn't be blogging today if it weren't for a certain person who reads every post I write.  Back when I had under ten followers and nobody commented - ever - it was this one person who would say something about a post and I'd realize, 'You know what?  That person reads it.  So I guess I'm still a writer.'  Now, I have a little under 50 followers (if you add GFC, Networked Blogs, and email subscriptions) and it's those who read the posts - comment on them - mention them to me - that keep me blogging.  So thanks.


  1. Hi Zoe! My life simply wouldn't be the same without my lovely doodle pillow. :)

  2. I like the fifth one the most...not just because I'm a follower but because I'm also a blogger and know what you mean. :)

  3. Hey Anna :) Yes, I think all bloggers can definitely relate to that.


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