Wednesday, November 2, 2011

O is for...


Today's post is a little long, but bear with me. These are my top picks from three years' worth of photos.

the beach at Camp Schwab

a common site: a native with a bike

a habiscus, the famous Okinawa flower, in my backyard (literally)

our next-door neighbor's palm trees (no, we didn't live on the beach)

another flower growing in our backyard

our next-door neighbor's bench

the view from the mountain we all climbed at summer camp

the fields at Pineapple Park

the Pineapple Park's signature pinapple carts

As a military brat, you always end up missing the places you've been and the people you've met - whether you liked them initially or not.  Today I'm missing Okinawa.  Is there someplace or someone you're missing today?


  1. ow, wow, you've gotten around!

    um, i miss my old next-door neighbors. we used to go over to their house almost every day and hang out before we moved for the first time in... oh, eleven years.

  2. I know how that is. I miss South Dakota and some things in Florida, surprisingly!

  3. Hi Cubette! Yeah, we've moved a few times. :P I bet that move was hard for you.

    Hey Nathan! I still don't get what was so bad about Florida. Personally, I like all the beaches and whatnot.


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