Today I don't have much to say, so I'm just going to re-post a call for guest bloggers as a reminder that I still need writers (and photographers!) for my upcoming blog party:

Hello, lovely readers! I have a bit of a surprise for you...

We'll be having a blog party in a few months!

The party doesn't start until December, but I need help getting ready. I want to make this party BIG. Really big - for this blog, anyway. It might be small stuff for somebody else, but for us this is going to be huge.

I'll be sharing our first guest posts, starting our first giveaways, and possibly having some contests and hops. The party will go from the middle of December to the middle of January, and it'll be a multi-celebration. We'll have blogging stuff, Christmas specials, New Years events, birthday stuff, and possibly some cultural holiday spotlights.

But in order to make this party a success, I need your help. If you're a reader, I need you to spread the word about this blog. A party isn't a party without guests! I need people to read the special posts, enter the giveaways, and participate in this event!

If you're also a writer, photographer, or blogger, I need guest posters. You can write about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, blogging, birthdays, New Years, or anything else you think fits with this blog or this celebration.  Email me at if you're interested!

This is going to be a big event with lots of firsts for us, and for me personally. But it can't happen without your help. Will you tell your friends? Facebook, Twitter, or even put my button on your blog. I'd love the help!


  1. Hey, Emily! I will definitely participate. Being as it will be my first blog party, I am pretty excited! Hope it turns out great!

  2. Ello! I'm excited too. My goal was to get 50 followers before the party started, and (counting GFC, email, and Networked Blogs) I have 49, I believe. Plus I have several guest posters, two author interviews, and several giveaways already lined up. :)

  3. sounds fun! you can read my blog and see if i would be someone that you'd like to have as a guest. I would be in the Hanukkah category ;)

  4. Hi Jessica! I would *love* to have you guest post about Hanukkah.

    Side note: I don't know if I will ever stop thinking of you as Cubette. It was such a cool name... although I didn't know how to pronounce it properly or what in the world it meant until today. :P

  5. Hi Emily,

    A friend of mine and I are having a "thankfulness" blog challenge, and I would love it if you would check it out:)

  6. Hey Rebecca! I'll head right over :)

  7. Hey Em! I'll assist in any way you need me, so just notify me!

  8. Thanks Anna! I'll keep you in mind. ;)


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