Christmas Traditions {guest post}

Today my personal (as in met-in-the-flesh-before-online) friend, Mariana, has dropped in to share a few words about Christmas traditions.

Nearly every family has some kind of Christmas tradition. My brother is the king of traditions and we can never do things differently (it’s always odd to do something differently). Every year at the beginning of December my whole family will get together and put up the tree and, of course, decorate it with the many old ornaments and age-old gold and red ribbons. Christmas carols are blaring from the speakers of the old boom box that you have to hit to get it to play anything! Of course that’s the beginning of December, that’s not Christmas.

For as long as I can remember we have always opened up presents on Christmas Eve night. Even when my father was a kid he had opened up presents on Christmas Eve night. This is one tradition we have never, I repeat never broken. Many of you also open gifts on Christmas Eve and it is, in my opinion, the best time to open up presents. The house smells entirely of baked goods, scented candles, and paper (yes, paper does have a specific smell). My favorite part of Christmas is the smells it gives - and of course the food. There are two things my family loves more than anything: eating and singing. Even though my dad can’t sing, he still loves music. For as long as I can remember, Christmas carols have always been blasting throughout the entire house and all of us are like little kids again, dancing and singing all over the place, due to far too much sugar from hot chocolate and cookies.

So tell me, what are some interesting Christmas traditions your family does? Overall my family is not that odd and does not have any interesting traditions that I am embarrassed to write about. So all of you bloggers and blog readers out there, have a great Christmas and be sure to leave a comment behind to tell me your traditions! Merry Christmas and have a safe, fun Christmas! And God bless us, everyone!

Mariana describes herself as an aspiring author who is slighty crazy.  She and I met at church summer camp in Japan.  Currently, she is working on editing her NaNo and writing a futuristic novel.  You can visit her at her blog, Live. Laugh. Write.


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