End of 2011

So, I've been thinking how fun it would be to do an end-of-year sum-up post.  Also, as a blogger I feel some inexplicable need to write such a post, whether fun or serious.  And since lately we've been somewhat more serious than usual on this blog - contemplating Christmas and all it entails, especially the spiritual and Biblical side of it - I decided to go with fun.

Since I have always loved lists, and I haven't done one on here in waaayyyy too long, I'm summing up 2011 (blog-wise, anyway) with two lists.  (I actually stole these ideas from this list of list ideas :P )

Silly Keywords Searched To Find My Blog

Zafon: I had no idea this was a word, and I'm thinking it's probably a brand (and why would MY blog show up as a result?!) so I'm gonna Google it and see what I get.... Um.  A lot of results for some author named Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  Still don't know how they ended up at my blog with that kind of search.
Disney Magic Peter Pan: Apparently I get the most search-engine visitors because of an unfinished, too-detailed, rather boring series of posts on our family's amazing Disney vacation.  It's rather ironic, when you think about it.
Okay, so that list was a bit of a bummer.  Most of the other search terms were books I've reviewed or other Disney rides.  Moving on to the really fun part.

10 Pictures That Didn’t Make Your Blog

I'm one of those people who takes advantage of her digital camera a little too much - ending up with five photos of the same nativity scene (from the right, from the left, from above, with flash, without...) or ten photos of the same flower.  Here I actually get to put the extras to some use!

random cars in a restaurant parking lot (taken because the green bug in the middle is my 'dream car' - right make, model, color, and complete with flower-shaped-lights)

Jell-o from a boy I was babysitting, taken in a mad 'red stuff' photo shoot

Pebbles in my boot.  Taken for the obvious cuteness factor.

my brothers Nick and Jon, my boyfriend's sister Esther, me, and my boyfriend in the waiting room at a tour of the Frito-Lay factory

my brother's desk chair. if you look closely, you can see I was trying to take a photo of our new kitten, Pebbles

a Kashi cereal sample I received in the mail... taken with flash.

Tangled party goodie bags

random pencil (taken because I love that quote)

a palm leaf folded into a rose by a street vendor in Savannah

I dare you to post your 10 (or 11, in this case) worst photos on your blog!  Don't forget to leave me the link if you do. ;)


  1. FYI, Zafon is one of the most successful authors in the world, so for somebody who seems to fancy himself a writer it would't hurt to open up your mind and learn something. Although you sound pretty full of yourself, so probably you don´t think you've got anything to learn. Good luck with that. By the way, those photos are very much like your writing: they suck.

  2. Haha. Thanks Daisy, although the point was to use some of my not-so-great photos...

    And Anonymous, I'm sorry if my writing style or voice offends you. I meant no disrespect to Mr. Zafon; I just meant to say that I'd never heard of him and, therefore, I'm not sure why that search term shows my blog as a result. Also, the point of these eleven photos was to showcase some of my worst photos. They're supposed to suck. I appreciate your honest feedback on my writing. Thanks for dropping by, even if you feel it was a waste of time.


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