Friendlight Friday

 I had friends -- I couldn't help myself -- but they weren't good enough. They all had some fault...

I don't quite know how it happened, but a few years later I have several close friends who look nothing like me at all. Not a single one of my best friends is the same denomination as I or likes my same books or shares my same convictions or agrees with me in every single way. In that sense, we're not likeminded -- not in the sense I was searching for.

Then again, I found girls who looked just like me -- homeschooled, skirt-wearing, homemakers-in-training types who had nothing in common with me. We weren't likeminded, in that sense, at all. I could not spill my heart in front of them like I could my other, different friends.

I wondered at that for a long time. Really, it isn't a mystery at all. I had stumbled upon the profound truth that most "Biblical" Christians have sometimes swept under the rug: the unity in Christ isn't in skirt length, family size, educational choice, profession, income, fringe-line beliefs or anything but the solid rock of Jesus Christ Himself. Even if I felt nothing in common with different Christians, I had everything in common with them. Isn't Christ enough?

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