Guess What? It's Party Time!

The day is finally here!  Our huge, multi-celebration, much-awaited, full-of-firsts blog party has finally arrived!

I've gotten my blog all decorated and fancied up, just for the occasion.  I picked out a new background, adjusted the layouts, touched up my button - the whole shabang!

Of course, there are several things that make a party a party.  For example, you can't have a party without guests.  Now, obviously, all you wonderful readers are guests at this party... but we also have some other very special guests who are coming by just for the occasion.  Some are published authors, some are other bloggers, and some are photographers - but they've all got something special to share with us.

You also can't have a party without music... so, although I generally try to avoid putting music on my blog, for this party I've put together a special playlist.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Another party must is food.  One of our wonderful guest bloggers will be bringing that later.  ;)

While some people might disagree, I think every party should have presents.  (Even favors count as presents.)  And since this is partly a Christmas party and a birthday party, presents are especially important for us.  I have several surprises in store for you, my lovely readers, and I'm sure you'll love these presents.

How's that sound for a great party?  Guests, music, food, presents - and of course, lots of fun and friendly chatter. :)  Let's make this an amazing blogoversary, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year's, and sixteenth birthday blog party!

Just a side note: today marks my one-year blogoversary!  Eek! :D


  1. What an exciting time for you. :)

    I'm excited.

  2. this is so exciting!! I can't wait!

  3. Hello ladies! I'm hyped too. :) This is gonna be fantabulous! Awesumtastic! Supercalifragilistic!

  4. yay, SOO excited! I'm like a little kid... when can we open the presents?? XD

  5. Blogger needs a 'like' button, Russell ;)


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