Military Brat's Lament

As a military child, I get to see the world.

But when it's moving time again, I feel like I could hurl.

I've been to England, France, Japan - I love to travel around.

But I wish that I could do it without living there year-round.

It's well and good to see the sights, taste the language and the food.

But after several weeks or so, I wish the trip would conclude.

I want a normal life, you see: A house my family owns -

In a town I'll have grown up in, where I won't feel so alone.


  1. i envy you for being able to travel, but i am glad that i have a house to come home to. i want to travel the world, but i can imagine it getting old. don't feel too lonely! you've got some blogging buddies, after all.

  2. Hi Jessica. :) Yes, there are definitely pros and cons to every kind of lifestyle. It's nice having the Internet to stay in touch with friends (and make new ones!) but it can't always replace face-to-face interaction.

  3. :( I thank you for your sacrifices - your whole family, in fact.

    It must be tough.

  4. Hi Anna. Like I said, there are pros (like living in Japan and taking vaca in Korea) and cons (like struggling to really keep in touch with friends). It seems I only take time to write about it when I'm bummed though, so I never have any happy moving/travel poems :P


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