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Some of you may have noticed or wondered about the banner at the top of my blog - you know, the big red and black movie ad.  As all of you know, I'm a teenager (a minor - 18 and 19 year olds are not teenagers in my mind)  As many of you know, I don't sell advertising space on this blog, ever.  I share my honest opinions of products and services, and if I really like something I'll promote it.  The movie advertised in the banner is called 180, and it is a 33-minute award-winning documentary about the Holocaust, abortion, and Jesus.

In this film from Ray Comfort and Living Waters, the street evangelist speaks for a few minutes to several different people.  He surveys Americans, mostly around college age, on their knowledge of Hitler and the Holocaust.  After asking what they'd do in various situations - whether they'd kill Jews if their life were at stake, whether they'd kill Hitler's pregnant mother, etc. - he then asks their stance on abortion.  They share their views and when they feel it's okay to kill the baby.  After more questions and discussion, all seven of the highlighted individuals have changed their pro-abortion stance to pro-life.

Using an adapted street survey method similar to his and Kirk Cameron's evangelism show, The Way of the Master, Ray reveals the correlation between the German Holocaust of the past and the American Holocaust of the present.  This film has been heavily criticized for putting too little significance on the German Holocaust, but as a Jewish Christian who has researched and written books on the subject, Ray does quite the opposite.  He has also been charged with putting too much emphasis on abortion and abusing the memory of the Holocaust.  When the number of children killed today is ten times the number of Jews killed then, I wonder how they can even think such things.

The DVD also has two trailers for the film, a short abortion facts video, a video message from Ray, two CD-style audio messages, and the option of English subtitles.  This was a tasteful but truthful movie dealing with horrific topics that are all too often forgotten or ignored because of the tragedy behind them.  I recommend it to everyone, with a warning that there are some graphic/disturbing images of the Holocaust and it comes with a public advisory warning.

Upon request, I received a copy of this DVD to review from Living Waters.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. I saw this video a couple of months ago, but I still love watching that video. i like studying the way he deals with certain situations so that I'll know how to react if i go out evangelizing.

  2. Hey Jessica! That's certainly a good idea - you could do that with the television show, too! I think the show's really cool.

    They do have courses and sets to teach people to use their methods, but some of them are pricey. (I mean, it's a good price for what's included, but it's a good price I can't afford. :P ) The 180 course, though, is only fifteen dollars - it comes with two books, a teaching DVD, and 100 tracts. It's on my Christmas list this year :)


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